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Forum » Real HIP HOP Forever » Rate & Review Music » DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used To Us
DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used To Us
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EmSeeD Date: Wednesday, 08/Dec/10, 6:55 PM | Message # 1

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The New Compilation album DJ Premier has put out just yesterday to give some exposure to the future projects DJ Premier is working on such as new Year Round Records signings Nick Javas, NYGz and Teflon as well as albums he's doing with KRS-One (Return of the Boom Bip), MC Eiht (Which Way Is West) + more. It features songs from Nick Javas, NYGz, Teflon, KRS-One, Grand Puba, MC Eiht, Young Maylay, Blaq Poet, Lady of Rage, Dynasty, Freddie Foxxx & Khaleel all produced by Premo

Premier has put the full album up for free stream here, so you can listen to the full album here

Beats: 85% some sick as fuck beats like Policy, Opportunity Knocks, Epic Dynasty, Fine By Me, Temptation, Ain't Nuthin Changed Remix are all amazing beats, Hot Flames was the weakest beat imo but every other beat was dope

Lyrics: 83% all emcee's try to lift their game to the top lyrically, most of them are pretty dope, there were a couple verses i thought were average like Blaq Poet and Teflon on Married 2 Tha Game, but overally the level of lyrics was still pretty high for a compilation album

best songs imo are Young Maylay - Temptation, NYGz - Policy, Dynasty - Epic Dynasty & KRS-One 5%

Overall i'd give the album 84%

track by track

Blaq Poet - Bang Dis

Blaq Poets lyrics are average imo, never been a fan

NYGz - Policy is sick as fuck, dope as fuck beat from Premo and NYGz sound sick as fuck over this beat

Nick Javas - Opportunity Knocks

this song leaked a couple years ago, the beat is sick as fuck, Nick is ok but i've never been a fan of his either, his flow is pretty good but idk maybe its his voice or his lyrics i just don't find that impressive, i really didn't like the last verse either it was just a bunch of brown nosing lol, but a lot of other people do like this song so maybe its just me

Khaleel - Hot Flames

i like this dudes voice, beat is nothing special from premo, just loop beat he always does but this one wasn't that special. Khaleel is ok, only thing i really like is his voice but nothing really stood out on the track, the song does actually get a bit boring after half way

Dynasty - Epic Dynasty

Female rapper i've never heard before, she's sick, beat is pretty dope too, she's goes very well over it, she's dope as fuck actually and better than all the rappers in the above tracks so far imo

MC Eiht - Fine By Me

another sick beat from premo, solid track not really much else to say, just a solid track

Young Maylay - Temptation

i've been a fan of Young Maylay for a while now, hes one of the best up and coming west coast emcee's right now, i'm just waiting for him to put a damn album. this song is dope unlike all the other tracks so far Young Maylay tells a great story in this song i like that, usually when people get on premo beats all they do is some track rapping about how good they are at rapping but thats not what Young Maylay does, he comes through with a dope and entertaining story and has sick lyrics at the same time, young maylay has mad potential

KRS-One ft. Grand Puba- 5%

good beat from premo, KRS raps about his enviroment back in his day, i actually like this, dope song, he raps about some 5% type stuff, knowledge, wisdom jewelz to life, and black man being god but at least its not as racist as back in the day lol

NYGz ft. Lady of Rage, Royce da 5'9 & Freddie Foxx - Ya Dayz R #'d (NYGemix)

another sick beat from preme, Lady of Rage, Freddie and Royce get on this song and fuckin murder it, Freddie and Royce had the best punchlines on it though "your days are numbered like the calendar" - Freddie Foxx, "i'll let my record talk for me like a preme hook" - Royce,

Joell Ortiz - Sing Like Bilal

another song that leaked a while ago, recently released on Joells Koch album after he left their label. odd thing is though Reks already used the premo beat on his album More Grey Hairs with the song Cloud 9 before Joell so idk why Joell is using the exact same beat, Joell is ok, i was overrating him in the past though,

Teflon ft. Styles P - Married 2 Tha Game

sick lyrics from Styles P, next dude Teflon was ok nothing special though kinda let it down for me after Styles P's verse was so good, sick as fuck beat from preme, i didn't like was the chorus either, so yeah Styles P = sick as fuck, Premo beat = sick as fuck, Teflon = average as fuck, Teflon chorus = wack, idk why premo signed him, maybe because he's from the south

Nick Javas - Not A Game

pretty dope song from Nick, he's got some good lyrics.

Blaq Poet, Young Maylay & MC Eiht - Ain't Nuthin Changed Remix

the remix they released last year of the Blaq Poet song
beat is dope as a cock on ice, Young Maylay owns the track imo, glad they released this in good quality on an official release

Teflon ft. Saigon & Papoose - Lifetime Membership

way better verse from Teflon this time, chorus is similar to his other song but sounds a lot better now,
Saigon gets on and then makes him look average as fuck though, even though Teflon was better on this song Saigon still owned the shit outta him
Papoose was ok, he had some good punches around the end of his verse but Saigon still owned the both of them

Khaleel ft. Panchi - rappin Exercise

cool dark sounding track, both sound good over it, beat is real sinister, don't really like the chorus though coz it doesn't keep the sinister feel

Freddie Foxxx - The Gang Starr bus

a song about all the people in the gang starr foundation

eboyd Date: Sunday, 12/Dec/10, 12:51 PM | Message # 2

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i'll give it about the same rating. it's pretty dope. i'm impressed. a few tracks were definitely meh tho.

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-T.S. Eliot

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