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The Cypher
ritesofpasage Date: Monday, 23/Jan/12, 6:34 PM | Message # 1111

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If you wanna play games I don't say names but it's a slippery slope/
Not coming close to my heights thinking you fly but you really just a goat/
So when you fell off and croaked I closed the book because that's all she wrote/
Never a cliffhanger no plot twist screwball got smoked/
So If I hit you with the heat again stop claiming you still need to learn the ropes/
There's no escaping this you up creek without a moat.

Check out my melody faithfulness is the fidelity of my soundtrack to that of the heavenlies.....
Treach Date: Tuesday, 24/Jan/12, 8:16 AM | Message # 1112

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when i said what i said i didnt mean no disrespect
i was just saying some of your lines lack intellect
like the sopa dudes trying to control the internet
but if you wanna come at me its imminent
that you get diminished cus to me your irrelevant
im ready to get down ready to scrap ready to rap
whatever you wanna do i stay ready for that
i got rhymes out the crack in the back
so you already know they're the shit jack
your rhymes stay sounding good but not meaning shit mack
in other words you can rhyme words but you still wack
and thats a fact,
dont be coming at me like you the head of the pack
you stay following in the back like the rest of the shitsacks

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
ritesofpasage Date: Tuesday, 24/Jan/12, 9:11 PM | Message # 1113

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For calling out my name I'ma set the record straight
You stepping to the plate so I'm serve these indents to your face
Stay in your place I know it's hard when you weighing in late
Not my fault you been dying for a savoring taste
If your flavoring's base what a shame what a waste
I know you favoring hate cause I spit the spice that you labor for days
To write the page you can't amaze or amass the space I rock plots
Why my labor days harvest praise and you still a slave with the have nots
It's a different world and you can't dock on the orbits I rock
Why you can't seem to understand just my level of thoughts
While you rubbing your jock I'm a humble beast on the beats
I rip and rep masterpieces just come see the sold out seats
And while you hold out cds out your trunk on whatever block
The only traffic you ever see is at the light on the crosswalk
And the cross has got treacherous terrain to claim
So you best to look both ways before approaching this train

Check out my melody faithfulness is the fidelity of my soundtrack to that of the heavenlies.....
Treach Date: Friday, 03/Feb/12, 1:33 PM | Message # 1114

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motherfucker you should've never got me started
i thought you knew better i thought you were smarter
but i guess you were too hearted and felt you were harder
now ima have to bloody ya dome like a psychopathic barber
or proceed smacking you in the grill with a 100 kilo barbbell
watch you go through hell as your brain swell and be like 'oh well'
and they wont discover you til your lover go 'whats that smell?'
fingers, ears and toes cut off for your family to receive in the mail
and ill send em every other month til i run out, without fail
but enough fantasizing
when i read the shit ya write i feel like i wanna come at you like Jules from Pulp Fiction
scream "English motherfucker do you speak it" while aimin at ya with a pump action
i could never come up with nonsensical shit like you do even if i only used a fraction
of my intelligence, you better restrain yourself, act diligent cus battling me a privilege
i advise you stop fucking around and pushing me cus im on the edge
ask your momma bout me, she'll tell you 'back off, thats treach'

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
EmSeeD Date: Monday, 20/Feb/12, 1:27 AM | Message # 1115

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lol calm down guys :D no need to stress in here
just a cypher not a battle, that shit was yesteryear
looking back, one thing i've realized in life, is that,
i need to cut the negative ties
dragging me back, and i don't need that energy
coz this is a new year, i'm gonna live up to what we, were meant to be
..eventually, coz i got plans to switch up, man i can see the bigger picture


Treach Date: Monday, 20/Feb/12, 1:44 PM | Message # 1116

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i stay calm as long as you do, but ready to cause affliction
better not rub me to wrong way, cus friction makes shit real
no fiction. have doctors rushing you from section to section
cus my rhymes fuck you up bad, make you real sick john
as in john doe, cus they found you dismembered, no way to ID n
you will be remembered, as just another victim of the spit fiend
yeah, you know the one on a higher level of emceeing

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
Greeny Date: Sunday, 26/Feb/12, 10:48 PM | Message # 1117

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Here come the doctor, the one y'all is never seeing,
with raggedy wearing, from whom patients exit fleeing,
screaming. Calm down, pinch your arm, you might just be dreaming,
You're not, you're my experiment, drugged up till your mouth is creaming.
Raggy Doc seen a lot of wack cases in his days,
mostly of rappers on their ways through delusory phases.
See, rappers nowadays are hypochondriacs,
telling me they're sick, but in reality they're abnormally wack.
I hand them their mic, "take this suppository,
and shut the fuck up, never again tell another story"
Usually they'll ignore it, wet up the shit soaked microphonee,
They say it's funky, but we know what that odor really be.

ritesofpasage Date: Wednesday, 21/Mar/12, 6:09 PM | Message # 1118

Posts: 222
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These days I'm changed got to rep the less sinful
Night after night of bible study shit I'm into
Shit I been through shit I'm bout to write a best seller
Gonna be a hella nice of a retirement for the old fella
Stellar star's fell apart on the birth of a new earth
I guess whatever building you build you still got to break dirt
Now my foundation is worth blessings not a curse
Rocking with the purse strings on burst and my cup runneth over
So you know you get served turned the backwards reversed
When I' dropping the verse only rehearsing the nerve
Because the master says serve

Check out my melody faithfulness is the fidelity of my soundtrack to that of the heavenlies.....
Greeny Date: Thursday, 22/Mar/12, 11:18 AM | Message # 1119

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And what's served is a tray of sperm from a dick that's curved
from jackin off too hard to vicious tranny bitches farting on Kurt/
I got the flavour that's very strange like the quark/
shit that shock ya like when your dog starts to bark
in the middle of a fucking workday night/
and you just wanna kick it to teach that bitch dog right/
eccentric, electric, approach me with that gat you catch a spark/
high voltage erect your hair, lookin like an undercover narc/
You oughta grow a pair like you're unable to park it over here/
At least treat that yeast, so smelly it left a mark up in the air/

ritesofpasage Date: Saturday, 31/Mar/12, 6:06 PM | Message # 1120

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Switch styles and profiles you been green for a while
Guess it beats yellow but just cuz your pissy doesn't mean you can't smile
So pal that's how you great the nicest on the mic devices
I know you got nothing to say when it's trifish so just get the stepping
What you repping if you not stepping in love
Then you stepping in the wrong direction I take the step for perfection
Just turn my six steps into seven
How can you claim pro when you don't know the profession
I'm guessing you still on par one but just for blessings I'll let you know
The Rites is one divided by par none

Check out my melody faithfulness is the fidelity of my soundtrack to that of the heavenlies.....
11thPlague Date: Thursday, 10/May/12, 10:56 PM | Message # 1121

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A troubled mind came in the door. Psychopathing with the windows closed / To his mind and just hating home. Voices speaking of what he was told. / "I told you so!" "You told me what about this cursed world?!" / He's speaking to himself. Himself has no idea of what he has felt / Poker faced and dealing with the hand that he was dealt / The liquor; Only friend this one has. Injecting the heroine of his story on the other hand / His other half. The super hero with powers that set to blast / They growing together dealing with problems he created himself as the devil / No heaven in hell and no one listens when life is derailed / Don't understand? Complex as DNA strands. The magazine that his life entailed / Life is NOT cool and one I did not get choose but this is how I choose to use it. That's my solution.
So in conclusion, my pen ran out of ink as I fell apart in disillusion.

Added (04/Apr/12, 10:36 PM)
As my angel spun out, I'm done now. Screaming out the screens and how they keep on finding out / I'm crazy now. Going sane to insane a rally race and I'll be dying how? Cause this is what I have found / I'm counting down to the day that death will walk about through my shadow. But that day does not come soon enough / A Capella to the day that I accrue the tough. So whats about the fuss? It's peach fuzz cause I'm not tough enough / My heart is kinda dumb never gets emotions right. Never felt and never sees the light / Instead it starts a fight with the hatred so goodbye. I'm letting go / We're on the same boat. This life isn't for me. My life isn't pretty. So what am I living for / Sitting on this porch waiting for death to make his way / Schizophrenic; all my brains reminiscing on the last day I was normal back in '86...

Added (12/Apr/12, 2:41 PM)
I came back from the dead alone. Nothing but my dome, still crazier than going home / All my problems that I got em out number the ones from my impala and it goes beyond the dollar / So in turn I bought em. Cheating in life like Mrs Rodham got them / You aint ahead of me. A friend according to M&M, has a secret identity / And money will make them act funny; with the stupid frown keep coming back around still swearing they was always down / No more friends for me. I'll "Tom Blake" the scene, that's just more cream for me / And innovate down to how I bleed Try not to dumb it down as you read!

Added (10/May/12, 10:56 PM)
Its only one chance that we get / In a lifetime filled with sin / So we crash by walking then / backwards now not me cant defend / yet not seen not now but back then / lent wisdom out cause it drives me quite insane / A curse then to A person thats hurting / and cursing cause it feels like something was stolen / Now its given back his 11th Plague has arrived / trying to survive cause its hard enough just to Stay Alive....

"They call him crazy, He's Different so he's crazy. He ain't crazy. These people are NOT crazy. They strong people...Maybe the Enviroment is a little sick..."
Greeny Date: Tuesday, 29/May/12, 10:02 AM | Message # 1122

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Sure, I'll greet you, smile and shake your hand,
crack open your skull, cuz I'm a man of a different brand./
Your style is homosex, bro, give it a rest,
My styles is real yummy, somethin you'd wanna digest./
Poop like grass, smell like hash, sell it on e-bay for lotta cash./
- Namean? I pose in gangsta lean, your mum, I banged her green,
she became a fiend to my hugs like Charlie Sheen to his drugs namean?/
Frosty tears and no after sex farting cuz I keep it parked in, like gears on my Lex/

right.. I'm dreaming, I'm living broke even tho I been scheming.
Hundred and thirty grand in the bank but my clothes is dirty.
Been a long time coming.. Ran out of depakine and fontex so I been steady bummin/
Noticed you can count to seven tho, that's impressive,
nah really, that rhyme is so sexy I wanna slip it a sedative./
Keep them coming bro and you won't attend your final rites of passage,
instead you'll be chopped up frozen in my kitchen fridge./
Nuff dissing tho, this the cypher, I wouldn't wanna spoil it,
Just letting know I won't let shit slide like a toilet.

Treach Date: Sunday, 10/Jun/12, 5:20 PM | Message # 1123

Posts: 1339
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i wont let shit slide like a toilet
you got a plan? well ima foil it
dont reach for that pistol its too late
you fucked up and now you're food on my plate
make a great stake outta ya softer than drake
eat the evidence, no body no murder, ask jake
step at me wrong, get smacked, feelin stupid like you stepped on a rake
i get cake like its my birthday, cus it really is, and its bout to be ya worst day
cus ima leave you locked in a basement thirsty til its thursday 2013
then give you so much to drink ya bladder will be burstin, screamin up at heavin cursing
while im just havin a friendly chat with lucifer, conversing
ok enough talking shit i just felt like rhyming
been a while
and im just killing time
til its dark outside so i can hit the streets with my can and start writing
aight then..

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"

Message edited by Treach - Sunday, 10/Jun/12, 5:48 PM
Treach Date: Friday, 22/Jun/12, 3:37 PM | Message # 1124

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i feel like writing again
i mean i feel like rhyming again
cus i dont feel like grabbing a pad and a pen
i miss my girl, stuck in this mess of a world
i hate myself, sometimes i just wanna hurl
catch a strong wind and just whirl
outta here, i have no fear of anything whatsoever
even what once seemed so clever
seems pointless now, i see things clearer
i feel like im standing back, watching, only drifting further
sometimes i feel so mad i wanna murder
mad at the world but mostly im just mad at myself
full of regret, sadness and bottled up emotions i just wanna run from myself
run from this world, run from my thoughts,mistakes, pain i've dealt
cant stand to face it, face the mirror cant stand the sight of my face
self hatred flows through my veins, im always on my own case
feeling helpless, do i need help? take a wild guess
do i want help? the answer aint yes

"We took pride in intellect and skill
Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"

Message edited by Treach - Friday, 22/Jun/12, 3:39 PM
Acekat00o Date: Saturday, 05/Jan/13, 7:54 AM | Message # 1125

Posts: 1642
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Calm down brother, don't do murder
you're better than that
put the gun away, just rap
don't you know its just a trap
brainwash you, with fear and regret
work non-stop for the next paycheck
it's a mad mad world
everywhere so damn damn cold
but never back down
from pursuing the crown
show them you're the best
with your intellect and might and power
take flight above them in the darkest hour
show me the true meaning of freedom
be the king of your own kingdom
a knight of light, the prince of truth
and show all these rappers in the booth
how to kill with real skill

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