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The Cypher
Greeny Date: Friday, 21/Apr/17, 2:38 PM | Message # 1126

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I'm staring through the rearview, snail-pacing in gear two
Rack my brain try to explain just why I was so fearful
Fearful of rejection, fearful of acceptance
Fearful I'd appear to peers too cheerful for their presence
Steered to the wrong lane and became shamefully lame
Once I lost my dame I had no one left to blame
So I had to face the pain and sustain the world's disdain
I'm trying my best to redeem myself and I hope it ain't in vain

Greeny Date: Sunday, 30/Apr/17, 9:26 AM | Message # 1127

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Wake up from your boozing alarms are off the trumpets tooting
Manufactured consent present whichever side we're choosing
You distract us from the truth when expected to dispute them
They send their drones out shooting to kill whoever soothes them
"Hold on a sec the scoop's in. They say Trump's in bed with Putin"
Oligarchical type ruling got folk rioting and looting.
Wage a war on war we're losing focus fight back who's in!
Throwing stones at drones at home now we the terror? Who you fooling!

Greeny Date: Sunday, 30/Apr/17, 9:27 PM | Message # 1128

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In the light of the rise and demise of the Third Reich
we fight a fight for the likes of Rockefeller-types
who figured we need some more oil let's join the turmoil
in the Middle East for a little feast now we feel the recoil//
through the soil that been stole from the children that we killed
Tempers heated up in fact all our blood boils over blood that's been spilled
and lives that been spoiled, cities practically grilled
Now we're feeling it the whole world's embroiled in it//
'Cos these old twisted manipulative devils in suits
convinced the well meaning youth to sort out military disputes
with bad guys in the dirt of the third world like ISIS
for peace and order over the Israeli border but I don't buy this//
I know it's for resources and revenue to stock market insiders
and those who produce munitions for the forces
George Soros profits from the crisis like he did from Nazi Germany
When he dies his soul gon' burn for all eternity///
I overstate hyperbole, don't look to me for certainty
I say what I see and it seems as if we are in a state of urgency
I'm calling it emergency, and try to rhyme it perfectly when I rock
I'm ignorant as fuck so don't say that you learned from me//
How to say this humbly, I'm smarter than most -
but only inadvertently. Inspiring insurgency
indulging in this heresy, expressing views externally
Non-oracle brought a chronicle hopefully not hurtfully//
Just a heathen speaking for the people peeping in the peephole
Keeping it peacefully cerebral 'til things are turning lethal
Shit gets brutal I'll have a pupil shoot you in the poophole
Be medieval in the sequel make it penal for your noodle//
but that ain't useful. Better sway the laymen with a truthful
statement proclaiming saving for the human race then Krueger
and Jason them insanefully. Faith will be what faith will be
but maybe the crazies need to adhere to a faculty for morality///

Greeny Date: Monday, 08/May/17, 2:39 AM | Message # 1129

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About to drop a killa verse on this ghost town finally
But first you should put on J Dilla's fire beat on The Diary
called The O or the Creep over which the rhymes will be
a reference to the title feel the imagery inside of it
I'm still in an introductory freestyling bit
encouraging cypher lurkers to get with it
it's intensely lit in a jiff like cannabis in a spliff
get lifted and spit some shit over guitar riffs and shit, y'know?

I'm just looking out for square rappers that are running in circles
chasing tail and biting and failing and sucking like a whirlpool
I hand down a ladder 4 getting over those hurdles
I rap fluent in 3 languages I'm sure you can learn too//
No-1's this hungry I'm dissecting O'z for my piece of the pi
I supply ya won't water down nada keep the ratio high
I flow like a butterfly roll like molly pushed on the side
First buzz of a sting I'm the first one to ride//
The first to catch a case was the last one to bug
yo that bitch is a snitch make sure that her bastard gon' rot
See we're up against the same corruption that Castro fought
I came up a big zero now more like astro-naught//
A star like the Michelin Man with a Good Year flow, that's
straight De La Soul dealing Oodles O's to you donut hoes
Dope just like Smack or Yayo in case you ain't know
I knocked out a whole round of mad word play yo!//
With a flow that's straight up "wow"
KO okay bro all I saw was the O
reminiscent of the ring or the size of your bank roll
Or the shape of your girl's holes after I hit my runners home//

That's how the story go - you
are a story low - on
another level high scrape snow
while all your jobs blow

- That's just an elaborate way of saying you suck
You steppin' to this? All I got to say is good luck
You better step up your game like you be trying to fuck
Wanna get ahead in the game your best try is to stroke a big co//lossal
ego fucking sicko peep the lingo it's barely legal, it's Ragnar
king of vikings my shit is regal while your shit just fecal
matter of fact this how we do we make your face see through
with punchlines so lethal they feature Steven Seagull//
Or Segál, one by one all rivals gon' fall
Aboutta make a withdrawal, run your pockets
I called on your bluff n laid down the kabal
I sit on a throne of bodies so tall the village will never see dawn//
Holding god hostage, holy collateral that's how I rocket,
launch at pigs to make soul food, fuck with this boss shit
that flow like a faucet them other rapper crummy cannot floss shit
they're soft and fluffy they're better off in the closet//
Fuck a chorus I ain't done yet
You breaking dawn? I rap around the clock until I met next sunset
I undead the undead and upset the moshpit
when I mop bits of gossip up with some raw spit//
Said fuck what a fuckbitch saw fit to talk shit about
If she wasn't a mom with some kid retarded
I woulda stuck this long dick in that dumb bitch's mouth
and swirled it around so to make gurgling sounds//
Damn man I gotta say that ganja was loud...


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Greeny Date: Monday, 10/Jul/17, 2:53 PM | Message # 1130

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Dear diary - what can I say
I skipped class and got drunk before breakfast today
for some reason I felt it just couldn't wait
temporary sanctuary - I took the bait
... - what's there to debate
your soul for the bottle seem like a fair trade?
think twice bout the life that you'd like to create
'cos a deal with the devil determines your fate
... - and the stakes don't ever matter
the adder would rather make it badder than better
drive you madder and sadder 'til you fed up and give up
yeeah, beelzebub done set me up
he got me stuck in a rut held me down tied a knot
kicked me twice in my gut broke my foot said good luck
that's what's up with the dark messiah, handed me a pacifier,
80 proof spoof of a baby tooth ...
and that is the truth, the dude is a kook
he ain't trynna juke he trynna choke ya in puke, he's crude
survival ain't far from a fluke so let me put it astute
get off the booze or you're sure to loose
Handle with snooze you gon' hang on the noose
I ran with the news kids get banged by the pews
peers were rather amused 'cos it's banned by the rules
I sang the deep blues while they swam off to school
shock value was cool why I ganged up with ghouls
so I acted a fool and I ran me some jewels
follow your greed let's see where it leads you
G is for grue it's most likely to eat you
would hang with the crew that be packing a pistol
was likely to catch you and force you to choose
'tween a knife or the pistol to slice through your tissue
it's R to the U it's nice to meet you what's the issue?

Greeny Date: Monday, 07/Aug/17, 0:35 AM | Message # 1131

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I might talk a lotta shit but never meant to diss you
I'm a gentle soul really, fight the spirits like jiu jitsu
All over the place, I'll say, pervasive like uh Vishnu
I come in many shapes and forms I sure hope that some fits you
I'm here to smooth shit over like four packs of Lurpak
but after I compliment your bird on her rack
before getting slurred at, yeah bitch I heard that
flipped the bird and bounced on account of that nerd fat
Not to be cryptic or mystical but how come the cynical
sinistral pinnacle is to be inimically reciprocal
to the pivotally principled individual?
Now aren't I a lyrical miracle with these silly syllables
no. better light up someone's medicinal mood saver
tear a page out the good book of a doomsayer
Mm.. Food slayer, doobie chaser, coochie grader
Went from low-key OCD through OCB to ODB, oooh player!


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