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To kick off today's update I want to welcome two new members to The AIM, hard spitting MC Therapist who's going to front for The AIM in Philly and renowned Street Poet, Musician and Gang Outreach Worker Warrior Bonds from Boston. We met Therapist through two of our core members AIM General Raptivist Capital-'X' and anti-NWO emcee Enki, and we were introduced to Warrior through notorious Street Poet and AIM Shot Caller Monte Smith. I can't emphasize enough how proud we feel to have both of these individuals clicked up with us because there is no doubt that they are realer than a brick in the face, more focused than a a top of the range Nikon camera and smarter than your average quantum physicist on a good day. They definitely got AIM to the core. We'll be pushing them forward so that all the world can hear what they have to say because they are voices of the imminent ethical revolution. I'll be putting up their pages on the site as soon as humanly possible but until then please check them out on Reverbnation and join The AIM Hip-Hop/Street Poetry Street Team on The AIM Raptivist Collective page on Reverbnation to help promote these hard men with hearts.


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There are so many things happening right now with The AIM Raptivist Collective, including Capital-'X's I Want Justice Tour in the US and Europe. It's going to be one of the most explosive tours in the history of Political Hip-Hop. We're going to ensure you don't miss it by keeping you in on the dates and details. Capital-'X' also has a dope new track out called My Life Times which you can preview below.

I Want Justice

That's it from me for today but I'll be back in the next couple of days to talk to you about the highly anticipated new album by AIM emcee Greydon Square, The Kardashev Scale.

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The AIM 3 Stand Up For The Move 9 

"We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary."
(Malcolm X, 1965)

Tomorrow AIM General Capital-'X' will take the I Want Justice Tour to The Move 9 Rally in Philadelphia. He will be joined by AIM emcees Perseverance and MC Therapist. Many of our Guerrilla Republik comrades will also be there. 'X' invites you all to join him, his AIM and GREP comrades, and many other conscious individuals to stand up for the Move 9.

 "This Saturday August 7th at 11am the "I Want Justice Tour" will join in to rally for the release of the Move 9 on the corner of 11th and Market Streets in Philadelphia. I urge everyone to educate themselves on the history of the Move 9 and join us. If we allow this injustice, it is like giving permission to the powers that be, to bomb and imprison any group that unites in opposition of oppression and repression. To unite against our oppressors is not only our Constitutional right, it is our birth right. Dropping a bomb, killing innocent children and then imprisoning innocent men and women was a tactic by these fascists to instill fear in WE the people. We must prove that their tactic failed for it is not WE the people that should tremble in fear, it is those that believe they our superior to WE that people that should tremble in fear. Our greatest weapon, IZ THA TRUTH, for the truth can not and will not be denied. All Power To The People!"

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WIDEawake to Release 2pac and Sam Sneed Unreleased Death Row Albums 

WIDEawake/Death Row president talks in a video interview with about the early life on Death Row records and also about the old 2pac and Sam Sneed material they will be releasing. Staying true to the artists, WIDEawake/Death Row will be releasing the albums from the artists as they were intended to be released by the artists without editing them.

Half of Sam Sneeds album will be from his unreleased Death Row album and half of the album will be new material

If you don't remember Sam Sneed, Sam was Dr. Dre's right hand producer from 1994 - 1996 co-producing Dre's songs "Natural Born Killaz", Keep Their Heads Ringin" as well as working on Dr. Dre's second Death Row album which is also unreleased.

Sam Sneed had an album with his group Street Scholars on Death Row which was supposed to be the first album from Death Row East but unfortunatley was never released. According to John Payne the album is anticipated to be out either September or October. Judging from the material released from the album so far it would have been a Death Row classic up there with The Chronic & Doggystyle so i'm defintely looking forward to this release.

Snippets as well as full tracks were leaked from Sam Sneeds album last year if you want to hear some of Sam Sneeds unreleased Death Row material check out this thread in our forum here:

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Digable Planets Presents-Sounds of the 7th Dimension mixed by DJ Alex J. 

Digable Planet's mixtape entitled "Sounds of the 7th Dimension" mixed by DJ Alex J The mixtape ncludes exclusive rare remixes of classic Digable Planets songs and new unreleased songs from Butterfly and Doodlebug.

1.Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick (King Britt Rmx)
2.Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick instr (DoodlebugftDOR Outtaspacefunkadelic acc)
3.Doodlebug feat D.O.R.-Outtaspacefunkadelic
4.King Britt-Instrumental #18
5. DJ Shadow Feat Blackilicious-Swan lake
6.Ghostface killa feat MF Doom-Angels
7.D.O.C.-Its Funky enough
8.Kai Chi-Got Green
9. DJ Alex J-tribal drums (Doodlebug vox)
10.Butterfly and Doodlebug-Fresh Out
11.J.Period and K’naan -Relationships Lay (Bob Dylan Tribute)
12.Butterfly (Shabazz Palaces)-Sparkles
13.MF Doom-Dead Bent
14.Digable Planets-Brooklyn Sky
15.Young Buck-Bang Bang instr
16.Cee knowledge feat CFO Allstars-These Eyes
17.Black Moon-Buck ‘em Down-Beatminerz instru
(Doodlebug feat D.O.R.-Back in da Daze Accap)
18. DJ Premier-Its All Real instru
19.Chali 2na Feat Talib Kweli-Lock shit down
20.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth-T.R.O.Y.-They Reminisce Over You instr
21.Talib Kwela & Hi-Tek-Back Again
22.Buster Rhymes-Put ya hands where my eyes can see instr
23.Camp Lo Feat Butterfly-Swing
24.Butterfly (Shabazz Palaces)
25.Sonny Bonoho-Judge Brown
26.J Walk-Soul Vibration
27.Digable Planets-Where I’m From RMX
28. DJ Honda Feat De la Soul-Trouble in the water instru
29.Digable Planets-The May 4th Movement
30.9th wonder-Nightriders instru
Bonus track
31.Doodlebug Feat D.O.R. JBizness,The Tones-Sweet Music

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Trigger The Soldier - Papia Cla 

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Exile’s “Radio” BONUS ALBUM in celebration of his upcoming August 31st “AM/FM” release 

"AM/FM” dropping August 31st features Blu, Fashawn, Shafiq Husayn, Samiyam, Free The Robots, DJ Day, Clutchy Hopkins, Evidence, Alchemist, Krondon, Muhsinah, Aloe Blacc, Grouch & Eligh, Take and many more!

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De La Soul – The Return of DST (NEW) 

De La Soul's New Track, A tribute to turntablist Grandmixer D.ST.

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