Damu live on the MPC in NY - 2008 Footage - 7th street freestyles 

Now hows this for an Off The Top Freestyle, better than a lot of writtens

Damu The Fudgemunk playing live beats outta his MPC2000 on 7th street in NYC. Max spits an off-the-top freestyle. Footage shot in October 2008.

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LOWKEY - TERRORIST? (Video Preview) 

A preview for the upcoming music video "Terrorist?" from political emcee "Lowkey".

The full video will be released September 11th

Look out for Lowkey's album "Soundtrack To The Struggle" due out this later this year

Check out one of Lowkeys other videos "Obamanation" released earlier this year

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Power Struggle: ArtOfficialFreedom Music Video off the new album "Remittances" 

Power Struggle "ArtOfficalFreedom" Music Video from Just Bombin Films on Vimeo.

From his immigrant upbringing to his nomadic lifestyle, Power Struggle’s front man Nomi, evokes the sound of the weary traveler finding home over the horizon. From a hip-hop perspective, Nomi’s poignant lyrics and political analysis are unique in a culture/ genre that’s been highkacked by gunclappers, pimps, and businessmen. Remittances reflects the life and times of working class people trying to survive in a system that they do not control.

Thank you to Dave Classick

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BP Presents "THE SPILL" FREE Instrumental Album Download 

BP Presents THE SPILL, the debut instrumental release/FREE digital download from the producer who has constructed critically acclaimed backdrops for artists like William Cooper, Killarmy's, 9th Prince, Shyheim, Timbo King, Nature, RZA, and
Kool G Rap to name a few.

With the BP oil spill headlining every news channel and being one of the biggest environmental disasters our world has ever seen, BP the producer, felt it was the perfect time to release a spill of his own.

BP's THE SPILL is a gut busting buffet of 14 instrumentals from William Cooper of Black Market Militia's UMA nominated "Beware of the Pale Horse", 9th Prince of Killarmy's "Revenge of the 9th Prince", and Shyheim's "Disrespectfully Speaking". All in all, THE SPILL is a hip-hop treat that is geared towards beat junkies and MCs. This FREE digital download will have you hooked and itching for the next installment of BP's instrumental series. Enjoy And Please Watch The Video After The Jump!






Behind the Scenes Mastering THE SPILL:

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