Revolution Hip-Hop presents Lyrical Warfare-Mixtape Ft. Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Wise Intelligent, Killah Priest, Diabolic + 


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Taisuke Jodoi, international promotional manager for producer Nomak, just launched his brand new blog "spread the word" 

Taisuke Jodoi, international promotional manager for producer Nomak, just launched his brand new blog "spread the word" introducing and shedding light to quality artists from around the world such as lucid music and not just music artists but artists from various fields who are passionate about thier art, music and culture

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Realizm Rekords & Nejma Shea Presents: "Queens of the Mic" featuring some of the most talented "Queens" Female MC's from all over the USA 

One of the first compilations of its kind, ever! A Double-Disc 30 Song CD Compilation featuring some of the most talented "Queens" Female MC's from all over the USA, Paria B, Nejma Shea, Guerrilla Queenz, Boog Brown and more

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Fight Night Champion Soundtrack 

The Track List for Fight Night Champion in stores March.

The soundtrack features mostly hip hop music with a new Orchestral Remix of The Roots song The Fire used as the main theme. The soundtrack also features 5 songs from Self Scientific and Aftermath producer DJ Khalil & Chin, check out the interview from DJ Khalil as well as more details on the sound track here.

You can also hear a snippet of The Roots - The Fire Orchestral Mix in this new Montage video of the game

Track Listing:

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
Atmosphere - The Loser Wins
Black Milk - Round of Applause
Chiddy Bang - Old Ways
El-P - Meanstreak
Lyrics Born - I'm The Best
Murs & 9th Wonder - The Problem Is
N.E.R.D. - I Wanna Jam
Shad - Keep Shining
The Black Keys - Sinister Kid
The Roots - The Fire (Orchestral Mix)
The Roots - How I Got Over
The Roots - The Fire
Tinnie Tempah - Intro
Mustafa Akbar - Make Your Move
DJ Khalil & Chin - China
DJ Khalil & Chin - Live 4 Tomorrow
DJ Khalil & Chin - Organ Man
DJ Khalil & Chin - Running Through
DJ Khalil & Chin - Red
Konrad Old Money - Quixotic
Konrad Old Money -Sesquapedalian
Konrad Old Money - StentorianAloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

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IMAKEMADBEATS - "What's It Gonna Be" Feat. Hezekiah, Keziah, And Thomas Clay (Download) 

IMAKEMADBEATS And DJ Traumatix Drop Mixtape To Accompany Latest Single

"IMAKEMADBEATS makes sure to live up to his name... His samples are often smooth and mellow... The young producer's versatility allows his drums to hi with a sharp bang." - HipHopDX

"IMAKEMADBEATS’ scientific approach to music... means every detail and nuance is carefully thought out and in its rightful place." - FreshGrind

The Song:

"And I'm losing my mind / And I'm below the poverty line... I'm gonna win, though." That's how Philadelphia rapper Hezekiah kicks things off on "What's It Gonna Be," the latest single from producer IMAKEMADBEATS' self-titled debut, available now via Doxside Music Group. An album that ranges from introspective to boisterous, heavy to hazy, all while displaying IMMB's soulful touch throughout, this latest single is instantly inspiring, complete with roaring organs, distorted bass, keys, hand claps, and more.

"I wanted to make music that could change someone's life, even if it's just for a day," says IMAKEMADBEATS, discussing what inspired the track and ending with, "To inspire, to do better, to reach farther." Joining Hezekiah on the track is his sister Keziah, as well as crooner Thomas Clay, who holds down chorus duties. An anthem of defiance and perseverance, with "What's It Gonna Be" IMAKEMADBEATS continues to prove he's one of the top rising producers around.

Download "Whats It Gonna Be" here

Also, download DJ Traumatix's IMAKEMADMIXTAPES, a compilation of IMAKEMADBEATS tracks from throughout the producer's career:

Track Listing:
1. No Where to Go Intro - IMAKEMADBEATS
2. St Idez - Blakout
3. Hustle 101 - Roc C ft. Fredro Starr
4. Return To The Summit - MidaZ pr by Optiks
5. Whisper Music - IMAKEMADBEATS & Roc C
6. Word of Mouth - IMAKEMADBEATS & MidaZ
7. Won't Fall - The Transcontinental ft. Rakaa Iriscience & Prince Poe
8. Caught Up - MidaZ pr by TzariZM
9. How Is Your Soul - IMAKEMADBEATS & Butta Verses
10. Flyers - Blakout
11. Freestylin' - MidaZ
12. Subliminal Instrumental - IMAKEMADBEATS
13. Hit the Floor - The Transcontinental ft. WildChild and Poke
14. Return With A Mask On - IMAKEMADBEATS ft. J Freedome & MidaZ

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Ivory Keyes - "Temptation" Feat. And Prod. By Nottz (Download) 

Fellow Virginia Natives And Long-Time Collaborators Revisit D.M.P. Days With New Track

Coming off the recent success of his collaborative EP with Asher Roth, RAWTH, released in late 2010, and the release of his debut solo album, You Need This Music, before that, the Virginia-based Nottz is back in the studio doing what he does best. Earlier this year Nottz brought fans a track with Compton rapper A-WOLL, and now Nottz is releasing a new collaborative track "Temptation", with fellow Virginia native and long-time collaborator Ivory Keyes. Nottz and Keyes' friendship stems from their young days as group members of D.M.P., and with this new track Nottz shows off his signature style, as he layers pounding drums thick, rolling bass, and guitar plucks to compliment Keyes' street oriented bars.

Check out the song here:

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