Arab Hip-Hop Documentary‏ "Broken Records" 

Documentary: Broken Records from Broken Records on Vimeo.

Amazing documentary on Hip Hop culture moving and changing the youth in the Arab world today

Broken Records is a documentary on the rise of Arab Hip-Hop, directed and produced by NU-Q juniors - Rana Khaled, Shannon Farhoud and Ashlene Ramadan. The documentary is about Arab Artists and their cultivation of western art into modern Arab culture. It's about hip-hop and western culture influencing and creating a new Arab culture.
The documentary features two globally recognized Arab Hip-hop artists, Omar Offendum and The Narcicyst.

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Vital Nonsense- Gabe Rosales (The Aim/Guerrilla Republik/Calafia Zulu) 

Few hip hop albums that have been released since the genre's inception have expressed the same amount of versatility, musicianship, and lyrical capability (all from a single artist) that "Vital Nonsense" by Gabe Rosales has. Astoundingly, Rosales easily makes the transition from Fusion to Rap, Cuban Cha Cha to Death Metal, and Classical guitar pieces to Acoustic Rock, all of which are influenced by Rosales's unique brand of Funk, Jazz, Latin music, political ideology, and fascination with Quantum Physics. Some of the album's strongest tracks include: - "The Ministry" - "Dry" - "Star" - "Angel Fat", and - "Ashes to Clay" Featuring such musical heavyweights as Dave Weckl (drummer for Chick Corea), Divine Styler (from House of Pain and Styles of Beyond fame)
Vital Nonsense Album Available Now on itunes


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Weapon-X ft Jess the Facts & Blac Heat - Classick 

East Coast Born, West Coast Raised. This interesting dynamic is one that has helped to create and shape the sound and identity of Iranian American emcee Weapon-X. Originally from Brooklyn New York and now residing in Los Angeles California, Weapon-X has credited his experiences on both Coasts as well as that of his ethnic background as influences that have contributed to that of his overall style.

In 2008 Weapon released his official debut album "Portrait of a Starving Artist" to favorable reviews. With the majority of the album produced by the late Clockwork Murder, the album generated such a buzz on the net that despite receiving little promotion and Weapon-X's little known reputation at the time the album was heavily featured on bootleggers hip hop blogs all across the net, further helping increase the album's popularity. A few short months later, Weapon-X would team up with local San Fernando Valley emcee Basic, to form Basic Weaponry and release "The Sleepless Sessions" EP. Weapon-X would also team with UK emcee Grievous Bodily Harm to form the group, The Eastern Condors. They would release their EP "The Sofreh" in 2010.

In 2011, Weapon-X is preparing to release his sophomore effort "The Side Effect of Hunger" releasing the official single "Classick" feat. Jess the Facts and Blac Heat along with it's accompanying video produced by Arash Tebbi and Rugger Productions. Following the completion of this project there are also plans of a possible Eastern Condors LP to come.

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Existence is Resistance Presents: Hip Hop is Bigger Than the Occupation Featuring M1 of Dead Prez, Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, Marcel Cartier 

A Film By Existence is Resistance and Nana Dankwa about a musical tour to Palestine teaching resistance through the arts. Featuring M1 of Dead Prez, Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, Marcel Cartier, Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose, DJ Vega Benetton, SWYC, University of Hip Hop, Jody McIntyre and many more.

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