NEVER COMING BACK- MADD ILLZ From the United Slaves of America Album 

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OFFICIAL TRACK LISTING FOR THE UNITED DIVISION ALBUM by Perseverance ft. Sabac Red,Reef The Lost Cauze, Diabolic,Stic Man + Droppin Soon 

Droppin Soon ft. Sabac Red, Reef The Lost Cauze, Diabolic,Moka Only, L.I.F.E. Long, Stic Man Dead Prez,King Magnetic, Snowgoons and more

1. Sons of Anarchy - ft. SabacRed (non phixion) & Reef the Lost Cause (AOTP) - prod anno 

2. Businessmen - ft. Capital X - prod 2deep 

3. Not my life - ft. MS Nita the unit, access Immortal & Kevlar 7 - anno 

4. Afterdark - ft. Matt Maddox & Chief kamachi - anno 

5. Count'n our blessings - ft. Godilla and Doctor ill - j stereo 

6. We nah care for dem - ft. Zed I - anno 

7. Messages from above - ft. Dudley Perkins aka Declaime - prod kietel 

8. Delirium - ft. la dog & billy white - prod 2deep 

9. Not an option - ft. moka only (swollen members) and Mr Brady - prod moka 

10. Tastes emotionless - ft. mos eisley (sweatshop union) 

11. Lifetime - ft. L.I.F.E. Long - anno 

12. Crusaders of thought - ft. Jules - anno 

13. Primal Urge - ft. Ignite Mindz & L.E.G.A.C.Y. (justus league) - anno 

14. Wished on a guilty conscious - ft. mac lethal - anno 

15. Natural born G's - ft. awkword - anno 

16. Unified Elements - ft. C rayz walz & copywrite - prod dj perfection 

17. Beast unleashed - ft. stic man (dead prez) & dee1 - prod anno 

18. Monster music - ft. Banish & Aims - anno 

19. Ballsack - ft. block McCloud & king magnetic - prod faz farran 

20. Cold World - ft. Rakaa (dilated peoples) , joe scudda, & Brainstorm (krush unit) - prod snowgoons 

21. Told myself I wouldn’t - ft. cryptic wisdom - anno 

22. Revolution’s bigger than hiphop - ft. J ross Parelli - prod Forcefield 

23. Wretched of the earth - ft. I sheik (revolution of the mind), Dillon hoox , & Diabolic - anno

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Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila-An eye-opener as to the struggle of Filipinos involved in Hip Hop in the Philippines 

An eye-opener as to the struggle of Filipinos involved in Hip Hop in the Philippines. Manila based hip hop artists and their struggle to gain acceptance in the Philippine sound scape. Take a glimpse into the lives of hip hop artists from a country where hip hop culture is under constant scrutiny from a skeptical public. What will it take for these artists to prove their skills? Will hip hop become big in the Philippines, or will it be forever discarded as "jologs," underclass, and uncultured? These hardworking hip hop heads show you the passion and style they bring to the game where lyrical boundaries blur and innovation is prized.

Please visit the Lyrical Empire label for more information about this project, including past screenings. Screenings and discussions are continuing in classrooms all over the country!

Check out the Evil Monito Magazine article on Philippine hip hop here.

View more FilAm Funk Productions projects and become a fan on Facebook.

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