Nate - One Wish Feat. Cyclonious, Lowkey & Amy True, from the mixtape 'Make It Happen 

Nate - One Wish Feat. Cyclonious, Lowkey & Amy True, from the mixtape 'Make It Happen

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LATE announces his brand new FREE release 

In 2010 LATE released the album ‘UK Rapscallion’, as well as an EP entitled ‘Street Product’ and an underground ‘best of’ called ‘From Tha Vaults’. Now we get this brand new release which is branded with the launch of this brand new website. This project is entirely produced and put together by his long time producer Tricksta of UK Runnings and is a collection of underground tracks, unreleased material, collaborations and exclusive remixes. The project sees LATE continue to talk on life issues and drop knowledge with some excellent guest features from the likes of Iron Braydz, Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Jai Boo, TBear, K9, Creamo, Streetz and Serocee.


01 - A Mic, Laptop, 2 Decks And A Mixer - 1.39
02 - I'm Still Here Remix - 3.41
03 - Why You In This - 2.57
04 - H.U.S.T.L.E.R - 2.35
05 - Definition Remix Feat. Genesis Elijah & Supar Novar - 3.10
06 - Maintainin Feat. Jai Boo - 2.11
07 - Scientific Wordplay - 3.16
08 - We Do This - 3.13
09 - Worldwide Promotion Remix - 2.54
10 - Mic Controllers Remix Feat. Iron Braydz, TBear, Supar Novar, K9, Genesis Elijah, Creamo, Streetz, Jai Boo, Serocee - 4.27
11 - Locked and Loaded Remix - 4.08
12 - They Don't Know What We Go Thru Feat Jai Boo - 4.03

Free Download link

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Pete Rock [EXCLUSIVE] What Happened During Album Release Party 

details of the incident between the NYPD and the guests of his album release party, where women were allegedly brutalized. Steel of Smif-N-Wessun and Attorney, Kenneth Montgomery speak on the Police brutality.

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Black Rob 'Game Tested, Streets Approved' Album Cover + Tracklisting‏ 

Black Rob Game Tested, Streets Approved Album Cover + Tracklisting
Album out July 26th on Duck Down Music.
Pre-Order the Deluxe-Edition at iTunes today. The album contains three exclusive bonus tracks:

Track Listing:
1) Welcome Back
2) Boiling Water
3) Bumpin
4) Can’t Make It In NY
5) Showin Up
6) Celebration
7) Wanna Get Dough
8) Get Involved
9) Sand to the Beach
10) Made Me a Man
11) F*ck Em
12) This Is What It Is
13) Up North – This Is What It Is
14) No Fear featuring Sean Price
15) Sh*t (iTunes Bonus)
16) Stand Off (iTunes Bonus)
17) Nothin (iTunes Bonus)

Help Me Get My Twitter Numbers Up, please follow me @macmediapromo

Matt Conaway
MAC Media
Alt E-Mail:
"Because We Live & Breathe This Stuff"

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Illus f/Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh "Better"‏ 

The basic idea of Better was to tell three separate stories about individuals who overcame incredible hardships to make their lives “better” despite all the odds. So many of us feel as if our problems are huge, but the truth is there are people who go through much worse. It’s important to keep that in perspective. What really touched me about these particular stories is I really felt if anyone deserved to be angry at the world it was these people but they all stayed positive and focused on the future without losing themselves in the struggles of the past.

This was actually the first song recorded for the album- FOR ADAM. I first met Gift of Gab in 2002, touring and opening up for Public Enemy together. When the concept of the song came together I knew he would be the perfect storyteller to collaborate with. Paul Dateh sings the chorus I had written and really pulled it together and made it incredible. Paul is a gifted singer and musician and a rising star.

The first verse is inspired by the story of James Bain, a man who served 35 years in prison for a crime DNA now proves he did not commit. He was the 248th person exonerated through DNA evidence in the United States.

Bain was 19 years old when he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. He sought DNA testing several times on appeal, but was denied in 2001, 2003 and 2006. The Innocence Project of Florida took on his case and obtained DNA testing on evidence from the crime scene.

“When I heard about Mr. Bain’s story, I was inspired by his strength and positive attitude. At the time of his release I was 35 myself and it broke my heart thinking how he had been in prison my whole life and was innocent. I couldn’t even imagine. When he was released he didn’t seem bitter or angry at all, and seeing that positive strength in someone who had every right to be angry was incredible.”

“Thanks to the good people at The Innocent project (, there are people getting a second chance at life. They need all the support they can get and I hope I can bring some awareness to this cause through my music”

“The second verse is about a person very close to Gift of Gab who served time and worked hard to improve his life and become a role model in his community. I’d rather have him elaborate on the details but basically this is a story of a man who paid for his crimes and despite turning his life around and helping others, he is still judged by some authority figures for his past. Luckily he doesn’t let that get in the way of his goals and continues to stay positive and move forward.”

“The Third verse was inspired by a story I read about human trafficking and the modern slave trade right here in America. This young girl was kidnapped and forced into slavery, and her pimps sold her to customers who repeatedly raped her. She was beaten and abused and treated worse than an animal. How anyone can do this to a child, I have no idea. So when I hear rappers glorifying the “pimp” lifestyle it really sickens me. It was an incredibly depressing story but fortunately it ended with her being rescued and returned to her family. They never stopped believing they would find her and never gave up hope. So many others never get that second chance and it is heartbreaking. A few stats that are mind-blowing: there are more than 30 million people in forced slavery around the world and 1.2 million of them are children. 14-17,500 are trafficked in the U.S. annually. And these are just the cases they know of. To learn more and to get involved in the fight against human trafficking check out

Illus f/Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh “Better” HERE

Illus For Adam Tracklisting:

Requiem For Adam featuring scratches by Public Enemy’s DJ Johnny Juice
Unstoppable featuring Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles and Paul Dateh with scratches by Public Enemy’s DJ Johnny Juice
Red Dawn
Born Criminal
Brighter Day featuring Craig G, Reef the Lost Cauze and Block McCloud
Free featuring Homeboy Sandman and J.J. Brown
Better featuring Gift of Gab from Blackalicious and Paul Dateh
Sons and Daughters featuring Eternia, Wordsworth from EMC and Erin Barra
R.I.F. featuring Paul Dateh
Make Some Noize

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DJ JS-1 - "How We Think" Ft. Sick Jacken, Slaine, Sabac Red + "Reppin' NY" (DJ Premier Mix) 

DJ JS-1 is in good spirits since the release of his latest album, No One Cares. So good, in fact, that he's giving out not one but two free tracks for fans to enjoy this week: his newest single, "How We Think," and a fresh studio mix of "Reppin' NY" by none other than the legendary DJ Premier.

JS-1's newest single, "How We Think," is mellow joint with but comes well equipped with rough undertones courtesy of featured artists Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Slaine of La Coka Nostra, and Sabac Red of Non Phixion. "I reached out to the homie DJ Muggs and asked him to speak to Sick Jacken," say JS-1. "Once Sick Jacken was down, I went to Slaine, who is one of my favorite artists, and then Sabac Red from Non-Phixion. DJ Eclipse helped everything go smoothly, too." Along with an unsettling guitar riff and a hard drum loop, the song's hook drives the message home. "I loved all their vocals but needed to come up with the perfect hook," says JS-1. "I liked the line 'You Know How We Think,' because it's quite obvious how myself and these MCs think. We do hardcore hip-hop, and never fold under the pressure to sell out and do cornball rap."

It's a tall task getting so many rappers involved with the making of one album, and so, just the same way JS-1 utilized the assistance of DJ Muggs and Eclipse for "How We Think," he called in the help of a special friend, DJ Premier, to get in touch with Lil' Fame and Bumpy Knuckles, who are both featured on "Reppin' NY" along with Joell Ortiz. Now, JS-1 is releasing a special mix and master of the song, done by DJ Premier himself. "Once the song was recorded and I laid the cuts down, Premier asked me if he could mix and master that song," explains JS-1. Busy schedules kept Premier's mix off the album, but, Premo recently sat down behind the boards and added his signature studio magic. "As a man of his word, and someone who truly respects and enjoys good hip-hop, Preem still took the time to mix it, just so we can blast it out to all the DJs and real hip-hop fans," says JS-1. "The mix is better now, of course. I can't thank him enough for his help."

DJ JS-1's new album, No One Cares, is now available via a joint venture between Fat Beats Distribution and JS-1's own Ground Original.

Download "How We Think" ft. Sick Jacken, Slaine, and Sabac Red here

Download "Reppin' NY" (Premier Mix) here

No One Cares on iTunes

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Black Rob - Celebration 

Perfect music for the upcoming July 4th Holiday. The track is from Black Rob's upcoming album, 'Game Tested, Streets Approved,' out July 26th on Duck Down Music. "Celebration" is produced by David Shapiro.

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Animal Farm "Down To Business"‏ 

Always ones to speak their minds, Animal Farm created the song “Down to Business” based on the true story of a show that went horribly wrong. Although Animal Farm has opened shows for a number of similar popular artists such as Common, Method Man, Redman, and De La Soul, they have not always been so selective. “Down to Business” was produced by MC/ Producer Gen.Erik, and explores the Hip-Hop crowd that stands around quietly, looking more like they are looking for a fight than a fun time.

Download and Stream "Down to Business" here

In recent months, Animal Farm has built a substantial buzz as one of the hottest up-and-coming acts in Hip-Hop, following the release of their new album Culture Shock, featuring Talib Kweli, Rob Swift, and Abstract Rude. Animal Farm can currently be found all over the internet and their first single “Test of Time” hit #1 on the Rapattacklives college radio chart this week. The group’s success has led to a brand new worldwide audience, searching to find out more about the Animal Farm and its members, Gen.Erik, Serge Severe, Hanif Wondir, Fury, and DJ Wels.

After forming as a four-man group in 2006, Animal Farm played countless shows throughout the West Coast and quickly built a dedicated fan base. They became well-known for their high energy and unpredictable, outlandish live shows, which often included mic stand fights and on-stage break ups.

In 2008, Animal Farm released The Unknown featuring the legendary KRS-One and peaked at #3 on the CMJ College Radio Hip-Hop Charts. Shortly after, Animal Farm added two of the Northwest finest MCs, Serge Severe and Mic Crenshaw, at the suggestion of a larger record label. Although Crenshaw and original member Kwils left the group before Culture Shock’s release, the group maintained two songs containing all six of the MCs. Animal Farm is now offering one of the songs, “Down to Business”, as a free download, which you can get here:

Bonus: Listen to Animal Farm’s very entertaining interview with King Jerm at Nappy Afro here

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Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun ft. Styles P & Sean Price - "That's Hard" 

New visual from Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun's Monumental album in stores now. "That's Hard" features Sean Price and Styles P. Directed By Court Dunn.

Monumental album is out at major retailers (Best Buy, FYE), Independent, Mom & Pop stores, and more.
Purchase via
Purchase via

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SLUMVILLAGE T3 "Gimmie A Beat" (Retro Infomercial ) Prod By YOUNG RJ 

T3 "Gimmie a Beat" Produced By YOUNG RJ off T3's EP "3ILLA" Due out JULY 5th

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Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun "(I'm A) Stand Up Guy" feat. Black 

Music from Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun's 'Monumental' album out tomorrow, June 28th on Duck Down Music.

Pre-order today at iTunes

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The Academy ft. Kurupt, Raekwon & Kojoe "Samaryda"‏ 

Since the inception of Hip-Hop, compilation projects have been a staple in providing fans across the board with the means of enjoying new music from a myriad of their favorite artists. Whether in the form of Motion Picture Soundtracks such as “Juice”, “Menace II Society,” “The Show” and “Friday” to just name a few and the genre was further supplemented by labels such as Death Row, Ruff Ryders and No Limit Records, and perhaps more prevalent than ever the advent of the “mixtape” has allowed DJ’s and Emcee’s to collaborate together in introducing an influx of music to the general public.

2011 marks the return of the Compilation like you have never experienced it before, with the birth of The Academy, a bi-coastal merging of the minds that provides an undeniable unity long since forgotten amidst the landscape of popularized feuds, beefs, and unfounded media hypes. “The Academy” will be released on 9-13-2011 courtesy of Terminal 3/Penagon/Bonzi Records.

The material is 100% new, the collaborations are out of this world, and the production value makes “The Academy” the new standard in Hip-Hop excellence. Over 55 MC’s representing the realms of “Major” and “Independent”, “New & Old School, “Legendary” and “Soon to Be” make “The Academy” release a shoe in for fans to feed their need for a superior quality product from a vast makeup of the artists they love and respect in a landscape where subpar albums and scaled back budgets have become the norm.

Executive produced by Kurupt, fans can expect “Academy” appearances from such notable talents as Raekwon, Jadakiss, Kurupt, Pete Rock, Royce Da 5’9”, Redman, Styles P, Crooked I, Sean Price, Method Man, Canibus, LA the Darkman, Keith Murray, Planet Asia, Rass Kass, K-Solo, LA The Darkman, Billy Danze (M.O.P.), Pack FM, Pete Rock, Keith Murray, Chino XL and many more all backed by the breakthrough soundscapes of Terminal 3 Productions (who previously oversaw projects from (“Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture”, “The Four Horsemen” and “The Undergods”).

The Academy f/Kurupt, Raekwon & Kojoe “Samaryda” (produced by Marlon Price & JP Beats of Terminal 3):

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