Stic.Man - RBG - Raising The Bar 

Stic.Man of dead prez- RBG - Raising The Bar off THE WORKOUT ALBUM

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Koncept "Getting Home" featuring Sene (prod by J57) (Official Video) 

Koncept Brown Bag AllStars "Getting Home" featuring Sene (prod by J57) (Official Video) Purchase debut album, Koncept "awaken" here:

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Astonish - Lord Forgive Me (Official Video) off The AstonishinglyODD Project @MolemenRecords 

Directed, Filmed & Edited by: Sense Hernandez for Beast Factory Films
The AstonishinglyODD Project is out now on iTunes
Listen to full album:

Guest appearances by: Scheme, Lungz, Jay Vega, Reap, Myles J, Jessica Jasmin, J Dott Trife, E-Class Eppi, Decay
Production by: Panik, Jay Vega, CRZ Beatz, Odd Couple, Taavi Haapala, O-Zone, Oddisee

Free Download Tracklist:

1. All I Need (Intro) (Prod. by CRZ Beatz)
2. Summertime Chi feat. Myles J (Prod. by Jay Vega)
3. All That I Got (Prod. by Oddisee)
4. Feel Good feat Jay Vega (Prod. by Jay Vega)
5. Trees (Prod. by Odd Couple)
6. LSD feat. J Dott Trife & Lungz (Prod. by O-Zone)
7. Shine Like DIlla (Prod. by Oddisee)
8. Hire feat. Reap & Jessica Jasmin (Prod. by CRZ Beatz)
9. Fill Up The Room (Prod. by Oddisee)
10. Full Room (Interlude) (Prod. by CRZ Beatz)
11. Samo feat. Scheme & E-Class Eppi (Prod. by Wes P)
12. Saw Myself feat. Jay Vega & Decay (Prod. by Oddisee)
13. Living Comfortable (Prod. by Panik)
14. Lord Forgive Me (Prod. by Jay Vega)
15. Hip Hop (Prod. by Jay Vega)



Beast Factory Films:

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@BedlamBrethren "Purgatory Article" / The Assassin's Touch @raafiq_alim 

BedlamBrethren (Udi the Erratic Assassin & Cheating Death). Shot in East (Spanish) Harlem. From the forthcoming @116_Productions @InvisibleInc_MM release "Black Feather Messengers". Produced by Spearman

Check out The Assassin's Touch on bandcamp by Bedlam Brethren

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R.I.P "Special One" of Conscious Daughters - Karryl Smith Memorial Fund 

R.I.P "Special One" of Conscious Daughters This is a huge loss, A true soldera, a veteran, a queen of hip hop/Conscious Daughters uplifted women and put terrorists like George Bush on blast as well along with Paris. Special One had complications to a blood clot. Our blessings and condolences goes out to her family and friends at this time.they have set up a memorial fund so the family can give her a beautiful home going. She meant so much to so many people. No contribution is too small as she also has a son who will need to be cared for. Karryl Smith Memorial Fund at Wells Fargo Bank Acct# 193939865.

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@JeanVerite - New world off the Beginning Of Truth Mixtape 

Jean Verite born to Haitian parents in Boynton Beach, FL and raised up in Haiti until 6, Jean Verite an artist that is in a league of his own."Haiti was just so bad my parents had to relocate me" In the States, Jean Verite had quite a few confrontations with the law that he seems not to proud but humble about the situation. "I've done things that broke my mama's heart, you'll hear it in the music" He's just looking for two things "I want people to hear me, and feel me" New world off the Beginning Of Truth Mixtape available now

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Help Neosonic Productions Help Japan-Smooth Talking: Twilight Edition 

The album, entirely produced by K-Murdock of Panacea features NEW, exclusives tracks with emcees who have made a name for themselves in Japan like CYNE & Theory Hazit, as well as remixes for groups like Bop Alloy & the Jazz Addixx; There's even a few rare, soulful gems featuring international singers like Wayna Wondwosen & Anya Stewart that have never been available prior to this release.

Most importantly, portions of the sales from this project go to the Japanese Red Cross Society as donations for the disaster relief the country is STILL dealing with

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Guerrilla Republik Jewelz Infinite (Trust One of Formula Abstract & Jewelz InfiniteATMA Masta Buildas) CROSSROADS, PRODUCED BY: COLONNA BEATS NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO/KATHARSIS DROPPING SOON.... featuring: Apakalypse, Orko Eloheim, Jahnigga Da Baptist, Self Soulfuric, Psychodrama07, Fascist Beats, Wydow, Mike Tappen, Rasul Allah, Annex, and more

albums available:
Formula Abstract's "Audio Autopsy Vol. 1" @
Formula Abstract's "Universal Soundscapes" @
Trust One's "The All Seeing I" @
Atma's "Beyond the Speed of Mind" @
Atma's "Beyond birth and Death @
Masta Builda's "Reptilian Body Snatchers" @
Masta Builda's "Unfuckwitable" @

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FILM THE POLICE - B. Dolan feat. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis 

B. DOLAN's "FILM THE POLICE" pays tribute to N.W.A.'s infamous "F*ck the Police," serving as a call to action for the digitized media movement while responding to the recent explosion of police brutality all across the world.

This free MP3, courtesy of STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS, features a reconstruction of Dr. Dre's original beat, brilliantly reanimated by UK producer BUDDY PEACE. Label CEO, SAGE FRANCIS, opens the song by picking up the gavel where Dr. Dre left it 23 years ago, introducing a blistering, true-to-style flip of Ice Cube's original verse by SFR cornerstone, B. Dolan. TOKI WRIGHT (Rhymesayers Entertainment) follows up by stepping into the shoes of MC Ren, penning the people's struggle against cops as a case of "Goliath Vs. a bigger giant." Finally, Jasiri X (Pittsburgh rapper/activist) rounds out the track by filling in for Eazy-E, reminding us that police brutality disproportionately affects poor people of color. 

With the Occupy Movement bringing various forms of injustice to the forefront of people's consciousness, "Film the Police" is a reminder that cops have been a continued and increasingly militarized presence in public streets. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and video cameras, along with the popularity of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, the power of the media has been put back into the people's hands as they document the injustices perpetrated by those who have sworn to serve and protect them.

The lyrics are available at:

This video was directed by Mason Johnson (Klepticenter Productions) and edited by Weston Woodbury. 
"Film the Police" will be included on B. DOLAN and BUDDY PEACE's "HOUSE OF BEES VOL. II" mixtape at

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