billy woods - "Frozen Sunlight" ft. Open Mike Eagle & MarQ Spekt (Download) 

Latest Leak Precedes April 10 Release For New Album History Will Absolve Me

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Next week, on April 10th, rapper billy woods will release his latest album, History Will Absolve Me. Late last month, woods teased fans with the album's lead single, the Roc Marciano- and Masai Bey- featuring "Body Of Work," and now woods is excited to release a new, non-album song, "Frozen Sunlight," featuring Open Mike Eagle and MarQ Spekt. For the track's unique artwork, woods enlisted the efforts of pemdesigns.

To produce the track, woods called on frequent collaborator Willie Green, who also provides the lion's share of the beats on History Will Absolve Me, and Green answers that call with a truly raucous effort - horns blaring; cymbals ringing; bass rumbling; drums pounding. "We didn't over-think this one," explains woods, when asked about the song's concept, "Our foremost intention was to make a banger. Hopefully we succeeded."

As with the best posse cuts and collaborations, the emcees looked to each other for inspiration, the competitive spirit of the studio inspiring a sum even greater than its already impressive individual parts. "Open Mike Eagle set the table perfectly, and MarQ Spekt tore the beat to pieces," says woods. "I went last, so I tried to tie together the sentiments of the previous two verses. I was definitely writing my verse feeling like 'don't fuck it up.'"

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DeFakto ft. Sha Stimuli - "Crack That Seal" Download + DeFakto album trailer‏ 

DeFakto drops a tribute to the days of the "Record Store" and Cracking the Seal of a new album. From Defakto's upcoming album "The Segment" out June 5th, check out the Album Trailer below:

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Dujeous Drops Sophomore Album 'Day In Day Out' (ft. John Legend, Immortal Technique & More) 

The acclaimed New York hip-hop band Dujeous (doo-jee-us), are pleased to present their sophomore LP, Day In Day Out. With an exponentially growing buzz, coupled with album cameos that include John Legend and Sharon Jones (among others), the album is set to take Dujeous to new heights. On Day In Day Out, Dujeous beefs up their résumé as they take both their music and message a quantum leap forward. “We expanded and stepped out of the old formulas, both our own and hip-hop’s,” says Mojo, lead vocalist, of the album. “New instruments, new guests, and new topics—we really challenged ourselves musically and lyrically.” With a new-and-improved sound, a new focus, and a new album, Dujeous is ready for new eardrums, new stages, new continents and new levels of success.

01. Day In Day Out
02. Spectacular (feat. Sharon Jones)
03. Research
04. Death & Taxes
05. The Band That $#%@&_'d My Girl
06. Pro Choice (feat. John Legend)
07. Same Ol' Sh*t
08. Enough
09. The New Beer Song
10. I Witness (feat. Immortal Technique)
11. Unchanged (feat. Akir)
12. Mishap (feat. Jigsaw The Puzzler & Immortal Technique)
13. Break Bread

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C-Note - "Power of the Third" ft. Dem One, IL Twice & Noah Deeakili (Video) 

A brand new visual from Open University Productions. Fresh off some ill videos for the likes of Locksmith and Sahtyre, Amadeuz Christ brings you his latest visual, a video featuring three veteran emcees from the south bay (northern california), and produced by C-Note, off his debut album as a producer, “Keepin it 100″. The song is a clasic blend of smooth hip-hop and eye-opening lyrics. Check out the video

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TOPE - MIDNIGHT ft TiRon‏ (Download) 

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IAME - "The Deaf Kid Mixtape"‏ 

"The Deaf Kid Mixtape" is an original sounding blend of 16 tracks with elements of soul, funk, jazz, cheesy lounge music, and synthed out electro-pop. This mixtape is just some bonus fun to accompany the release of IAME's "Lame$tream," which releases tomorrow (April 3rd) for free/name your price download at There will also be exclusive bonus packages and a CD pre-order available for purchase.

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