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"THEY CALL IT GRAFFITI" Ernie Paniccioli "A genuine collectors item" 

"Graffiti has been defined from a Global scope to an East Coast vs. West Coast challenge. There are books dedicated solely to the female practitioners of the art or it’s presence on freight trains. And Graffiti has been identified as both an act of lowly vandalism to high art. Seldom if ever has Graffiti been shown from the exciting and unique perspective of a creative photographer who has devoted more than three and a half decades to photographing Graffiti around the world. I must confess I am in love with the art form but did not want to add just another high minded, serious, thoughtful look at Graffiti, nor did I desire to just overwhelm the reader with hundreds of bright, well lit, perfectly composed murals. Instead I wanted to take the reader on a fun, odd, eclectic, creative look at the art itself as well as the environment it which this art form springs"

Ernie Paniccioli
Little more than three decades ago an energy was beginning to form. It was found increasingly in the suburbs of the cities and in essence part of a culture that can be found even today. The energy was and still is, Hip Hop. No one has helped to launch its awareness to the world better than the legendary Hip Hop Photographer himself, Ernie Paniccioli. Before rap and hip hop videos adorned screens and airwaves all over the world, Ernie with the use of his endless drive and intuitive style of photography, was beginning to help hip hop legends like Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash, Rock Steady Crew, Doug E. Fresh, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, Salt-N-Pepa, and so many more. He helped let loose the soul of hip hop and make it happen on the world.

A Native American growing up in a white man's society, Ernie broke the barrier of stereotypes… As a young man growing up in Brooklyn in areas such as Park Slope, Bedford Stuyvesant and Flatbush in the 1970's, Paniccioli picked up a camera for the first time and instantly converted his interest and abilities from painter to photographer. Inspired by his feelings of being cast as a second class citizen and perhaps through a gift from above, he started out by taking photographs of the graffiti that embodied the borough. Unaware to Paniccioli, he had stumbled upon his unforeseen destiny. No one has mastered the art of photography better than Paniccioli.

Available now at lulu.com

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The Lost Train: A very rare graffiti pic of one of Jorge Fabel Pabon's (VP of Rock Steady Crew) pieces when he wrote PASER! 

A very rare pic of one of Jorge Fabel Pabon's (VP of Rock Steady Crew) pieces when he wrote PASER! Him and his wife were very excited this piece of history still existed

"I'm so happy right now...I can cry! Thank God, I just saw my High School buddy LED at the HIP HOP USA SUBWAY SERIES ART EXHIBITION and he confirmed that he had a photo of a piece I rocked on the train, with NAC 143rd, back in 1981! He just emailed it to me! I never had a photo of it and hadn't seen it ever since it was running on the 6 line! Thank you LED!" Fabel~

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Mr. Green "Beautiful Shit" (North Philly Graffiti Montage Part 2) 

North Philly graffiti montage directed and filmed by Mr. Green. Edited by Mr. Green and Young and Balding Productions. The song: "Beautiful Shit" is from Classic Beats Volume 3 coming soon on Green Music Group.

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UNLIKE U is not a normal graffiti video, the action in action and train to train shows a sympathetic portrait of a scene that could not be seen. This film written and includes the fascinating story of a Culture, which otherwise remains hidden and yet all the features and art direction has with its own spatial, temporal and thematic link.

The intensity of these artist's lives with their passion is fascinating, and the film also shows the radicalism that one must possess in order to live such a life. 

UNLIKE U immerses in a scene that is not for outsiders to simply understand. It is the world of Train Writers, those graffiti artists then, to the painting of suburban and underground trains. Extremely obscured. Extremely criminal. Extremely prohibited.

UNLIKE U lit four generations of writers in Berlin, of which the elders of the hardcore artists are now already 40 years old and the youngest of the seventeen. But all the protagonists have in common. Each of them has his life countless trains painted in. intensive interviews with the 1000th try even the motives of the sprayer on the track to get the filmmakers and to work out what exactly the kick in one thing, the public can not get the recognition in. After all, it is after the official version, to be particularly serious damage to property and trains will be sprayed as soon as possible drawn from the traffic. So the probability that a plant sprayer to perfection, as talk gets to see his mobile screen is very small. So what is the value of these actions? What is the self-affirmation? What drives these people?

The filmmakers Henrik Bjorn Birg rule and plunged deep into the cosmos of Train Writer. Besides first-class interviews, they were also leaked material that was still seen to never does. The film shows the reasons behind the actions and history material from the corner at the legendary Friedrichstraße, the meeting place of the Berlin sprayer in the 90s. So the place where the myth of the Berlin writers took their beginning of the culture. Film Coming Soon!

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Mentors show teens joy of expressive art (Graffiti For A Great Cause) NZ 

An arts trust put spray cans in the hands of at-risk teenagers for a week - and the result has been some astounding artworks.

The Still Water Rising Trust, founded by New Zealand's Next Top Model director Jeff Szusterman and other broadcasters and actors, brought 16 students from South Auckland alternative education centres together with some leading artists.

Each artist worked with a teenager to help the youngster create art works ranging from a small airbrushed painting to a giant mural.

Aerosol artist Dan Tippett, 37, who worked with 15-year-old Te Mai Koha Hakopa to spray-paint a covered trailer for Otara's Crosspower Ministries, said it was all about "upskilling from tagging to using the spray can creatively - trying to beautify things rather than destroy them. The idea is to show them how to start and finish a project," he said.

"It's tricky because they are used to instant gratification, the 'now' culture.

"The trick is trying to hold their concentration and teach them that to get good at anything, it takes time and discipline."

Jedrek Andrews, also 15, worked with airbrush artist Tamihana Robin, 24, to produce a painting of hip-hop artists Biggie Smalls and Ice Cube.

Bobby Ioramo, 15, was inspired by aerosol artist Otis Frizzell to produce a huge mural featuring himself, his parents, his tutors and a Biblical passage: "I can do all things through Christ whose strength is me."

"It's about how I changed from doing the young gang-affiliate stuff," Jedrek said. "Art made me change. It allowed me to explore who I was."

Tylah Togiakona, 16, worked with traditional Samoan artist Nathan Suniula to make a ceremonial mat with a design cut into it to reveal a painting underneath. "I've never done anything like this," he said.

Alternative education teacher Sarah Longbottom, who organised the week, said Szusterman was originally inspired by a one-to-one playwriting project with young people in New York's 52nd Street (52project.org), and ran several drama-based projects after he returned to Auckland in 2004.

Last week's project was the first time the idea was extended to the visual arts and involved alternative education students.

The works will be shown at the new Mangere arts centre for a month from November 26.

original source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10682963

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Graffiti artists Sace, Abhor, Amaze, Deadcat, Sleezer and Earsnot talk about legal versus illegal graffiti.

DIY America: Broom and Brush Brigade

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Soundset: Ironlak x Known Gallery x Seventh Letter Artists Live Painting. 

Pose, Risk, Ewok and Sever paint at Soundset Festival in Minneapolis.

Original Panels On Display at Fifth Element in Minneapolis thru August. They are on rotation, one at a time.

Video by KC Ortiz for Supervision

Audio: Freeway & Jake One - Throw Your Hands Up

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