Kero One - Let Me Clarify off "Kinetic World" droppin June 22nd 

In Kinetic World, Kero One shows us varying rap and production styles spawning from the east and west coast, dirty south, and Asia, featuring artists such as Fashawn, Tablo of Epik high, Myk, Dumbfoundead, Othello, Dminor, and The Tones. 
Available on cd and on itunes.

1. Let Me Clarify
2. Kinetic World (feat. Fashawn) 
3. On Bended Knee (feat. Sam Ock) 
4. My Devotion 
5. Missing You 
6. Time Moves Slowly (feat. The Tones) 
7. Let's Ride 
8. Asian Kids (feat. Tablo (of Epik High), Myk & Dumbfoundead) 
9. The Fast Life (feat. Esna) 
10. We Stay Fly (feat. Othello & Dminor) 
11. Remember All That

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Prosthetik Intelligentz (Ezzie B. & B. Doom) - Don't Bat Your Eye/My Rib (Prod. By Depakote) 

My Rib (Prod. By Depakote)

 Don't Bat Your Eye (Prod. By Depakote)
Check out Ezzie B, RHHF artist/member. The experimental and ear-catching sound of Cleveland-based Hip-Hop Producer and Engineer "B. Doom” paired with the thought-provoking lyrics of the artist "Ezzie B.” has spread like wildfire across the global underground. Both based out of Fayetteville, NC; B. Doom’s superb beat-making ability has caught the attention of accomplished music artists and producers across the globe via the famed "Looperman” pro audio web source; among others. Teaming up with Ezzie B. in 2010; the two formed "Prosthetik Intelligentz”; an indie Hip-Hop endeavor who’s motto is "Taking Garbage Out Of Hip-Hop One Track At a Time!!” Ezzie B. (A native of Hampton, VA) incorporates his Haitian heritage into both the grit of his rhyming and soft touches of his singing. Their debut mixtape "Man-Music Mixtape: Volume 1” is a conglomerate of true street hip-hop, get on your feet and dance music as well as glitchy alternative cuts that varies more than what you’d hear while casually changing from station to station on a conventional radio. Whether it’s a catchy club track, a bouncy unnecessary freestyle or a heartfelt track with a spoken-word feel, you can believe that it was completed and mastered just for you to enjoy. 

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The Aim Raptivists - Lyrical Warfare Volume 1 is droppin July 1st 

The AIM Raptivist Collective have mobilized for their first lyrical assault on global injustice and white washed corporate candy rap! The Lyrical Warfare Mixtape Volume One is coming! Are you hard enough? Featuring The Welfare Poets, Greydon Square, Capital-'X', Gabe 'V-Non' Rosales, AWKWORD, Stream of Consciousness, SAI, Lyrical Agent, Perseverance, Street Poet Monte Smith and various guest appearances, including Divine Styler, Beast 1333, Plato, Eastborn and DJ Vadim. 

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How I Got Over "The Roots" Album droppin June 21st. 

Available on amazon, preview tracks here

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