Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw; The BBQ Joint Featuring Kendal Good 

Noisemaker Media and Viper Records Present The BBQ Joint by Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw as Mohammed Dangerfield Directed by Mark Carranceja. This Carranceja directed music video captures a backyard BBQ the way Mo Danger would do it. Carranceja continues to develop his set of aesthetics and present his videos in a unique framework that is definitively his. Hasan and Rugged join forces to produce their most compelling work to date as hip hop artists.

For more info on Hasan Salaam, please visit http://www.hasansalaamusic.com or follow him onhttp://www.facebook.com/hasansalaam

For more info on Rugged N Raw, please visit http://www.ruggednraw.com or follow him onhttp://www.twitter.com/ruggednraw, http://www.myspace.com/ruggednrawrnr andhttp://www.facebook.com/ruggednraw

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Jay Electronica Live in London 

Jay Electronica Live in London on August 10th with a special "fuck solar" message for the crowd

Fans have been waiting since 2007 for the release of Jay Electronica's Act II and album "Abracadabra: Let There Be Light" Jay Electronica recently explained the delay on his twitter yesterday

"I've been afraid to release Act II because I feel like it's not gonna be good enough. I know the people expect so much from me"

lets hope Jay doesn't wait too long and miss out on the hype the music industry have been giving him recently. With moguls like Diddy backing him up Jay has a great opportunity to become a big name in hip hop, he just needs to get that damn album out first.

"Nas hit me up on the phone said what you waitin on? Tip hit me up with a twit said what you waitin on? Diddy hit me up with a text every hour on the dot sayin when you gonna drop that 1st nigga you takin long"

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Is brought to you on behalf of Truth Now Music. (patent pending) First of all, I'm delighted to share my music with you! This collection could very well be described as a White Rabbit. If you start with an open mind, and follow it through to the end, your paradigm will be challenged, you may, for the first time, start to notice things that were there all along... AND many new friends await you on this journey.

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New J Cole - Blow Up (Download) + Footage from Lollapalooza Concert 

J. Cole - Blow Up


J Cole's album "Cole World" is slated for an October 26th Release

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Rock of Heltah Skeltah Preps New Mix CD Rockin Out West (Audio Included)‏ 

After recently beating out an attempted murder charge, Rock a.k.a The Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah is back with his latest Mix CD project Rockin Out West, available September 7th, 2010 for physical CD release only. The album is an ode to Rock's time spent out on the West Coast in Los Angeles with guest features from Kurupt, Ras Kass, Nate Dogg, and more.

"Rockin Out West is my latest gem" says Rock. "Most diamonds are rocks that form under high-pressure high-temperature conditions but at the end you get something beautiful, something special, a gem. That’s all a metaphor for the case I faced over the past two and a half years. The case and the pressure I was under created the climate that gave me the fuel and the fire to do this project. It happened on accident, but then again I don’t really believe in accidents."

With Rock's powerful voice and hard hitting rhymes over classic West Coast hits, Rock is confident in the release, elaborating "To all of my fans and supporters, old and new, this gem is my gift to you! Rock on!"

Rock will be releasing several music videos from the forthcoming Mix CD, in the meantime fans can listen to the latest leak off Rockin Out West, "Rockridah" as Rock's distinctive sound flows over 2Pac's classic "Ambitionz Az A Ridah"


Rock of Heltah Skeltah "Rockridah" by duckdown

Rockin Out West Official Track Listing:
1- Suge Intro
2- West Coast Rockin
3- Da Ness Episode
4- Watch Out
5- Gangsta Boogie
6- Meet n Greet feat. Kurupt
7- Underground
8- Puffin n Drankin
9- Da Shitsong
10- Still Rockin
11- Rockridah
12- Who Wanna Rock
13- WestCoastBlah
14- CantBrag, CantComplain
15- Tha Villest
16- Not Goin Out feat. Ras Kass
17- Big Heaters
18- Rocko feat. Po-Rilla
19- MostWanned
20- Respect Da G-Code feat. Rockredd, Boblakk, Rudyrockwell
21- Walk Like a G feat. Nate Dogg
22- Murdererer
23- Help Me
24- Da Dirtiest
25- Warning
26- Brite Lites Big Cities
27- Paid Niggas feat. Munchdawg, Pressha Dinero
28- Temp Murda

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Killah Priest "The Destroyer" feat Steven King, Sonny Seeza (Onyx) & Empuls (Download)‏ 

"The Destroyer" Production Notes: From the Making of Killah Priest's "The 3 Day Theory"

The song "The Destroyer" came about in weird way. Both Kount Fif and I are big fans of Onyx and we were having a discussion about how dope and slept on Sonny Seeza was. At that time we were working on "The Swashbuckler" and had been looking for another artist for the song "Return of the Duck Alert" with RA The Rugged Man. I contacted Sonny and he told me he was available to come down in the next week or so. Plan was Sonny would come down for a couple of days and we would lay down a couple of verses. I got a call about a week later and Sonny was on his way. During the phone conversation he mentioned Killah Priest was coming with him. Sonny and Priest had been friends for years but had never done a song together. Also in the car was Steven King, an MC that Sonny had been working with.

Sonny got in to town and went right to work. During the whole time Sonny was writing for the tracks, Steven was also writing, we hadn't asked him to record any verses or even made any mention of it. After Sonny would deliver his verses, Steven would then do his in the control room. We had not heard of Steven before then, but he quickly impressed us with his fast pen and clever punch-lines. Priest would record next and would deliver an aggressive, violent verse that was penned on the back of a UPS Envelope. Steven then shared with us his brutal punch-line riddled offering which we then recorded. In the course of everything going on I had spoken with Philly and now internationally known MC, iCON The Mic King. Mic was in or around town and came through the studio. We played him what we were currently working on for "The Destroyer" track and in a matter of minutes he came up with the hook. Lastly Empuls laid down his unforgettable verse were he states he wishes "Pocahontas would've killed John Smith" this line alone melts most of modern MC's whole verses. Kount Fif and I picked out a boxing sample and the track was done. To us it is a major stand out on "The 3 Day Theory."

Killah Priest feat. Steven King, Sonny Seeza & Emplus "The Destroyer"


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Tune in tonight, Abundance child, Iz The Truth Guerrilla Republik On Live Radio, 8pm 

SNEAK PREVIEW of Abundance Child Live,w/Lloyd Strayhorn,P.O.L.I.G.H.T.! Special invited Guests :Noble Anpu, Iz the Truth (GUERRILLA REPUBLIK) & Kalonji Changa (FTP Movement) at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/abundancechild

Also This Weekend, Lloyd Strayhorn, Brother P.O.L.I.G.H.T and Noble Anpu come together for the first time in History at the historical ALL EYES ON EGIPT BOOK STORE 717 BUSHWICK AVE AT HART AND SUYDAM IN BROOKLYN (ANSAARU ALLAH COMMUNITY) every child you bring there will be a $5 discount. Children are free 12 yrs and under. Discount for students also. 
CALL FOR INFO.. 347 546 5978


Listen to internet radio with Abundance Child on Blog Talk Radio

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