Jonathan Emile is a Jamaican Canadian poet, composer and entrepreneur from Montréal, Québec. He is the creator and the founder of Mindpeacelove enterprises (a conscious art company & record label) and a cancer survivor.At the age of 18, He was diagnosed with a rapidly growing cancerous tumor. The next two years of his life proved to be crippling as he battled with the disease. He struggled to pursue his passion for music. During this time, Jonathan Emile employed his philosophy of Mindpeacelove creating music, in the hospital and between his treatments that left him bed ridden. He finished treatment and is presently in remission.Jonathan Emile founded Mindpeacelove Enterprises in 2005 and has been composing and performing regularly since. In 2006 he release a CD 'Agenda Reciprocity' with group Île City under the Mindpeacelove Records Label. Still in the first years of remission, Jonathan pushed himself to come to terms with his illness creatively, which gave birth to the concept of "The Lover/Fighter Document".

JONATHAN EMILE - URBAN ACAPELLAS:. Episode 1: "Heaven Help Dem"

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DJ ZO & Dumbfoundead - LOVE PSYCLE (Typography Animation) 

This is an unofficial remix sequenced from "Until We Bleed" Kleerup ft. Lykke Li, DJ Zo and Dumbfoundead - Love Psycle

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The Garden State Hip-Hop Cypher 2011 ft. Hasan Salaam, Rhymageddon and more 

On January 13, 2011 sixteen of New Jersey's rising underground hip-hop talents filled the Turntable Izm Show studio in a gathering for the Garden State Hip-Hop cypher. The cypher was created to give NJ's premiere underground hip-hop artist an opportunity to showcase their precious talents to hip-hop lovers worldwide. Due to the lack of popular NJ-based hip-hop artists, Volume One of the GSHH cypher exhibits the hidden gems we have in our cities.
Round 1: Hasan Salaam 0:21, Rasheed Chappell 1:57, Silent Knight 3:08, Black Irish 4:39, Badsport 6:05, Johnny 3 Rounds 7:25.
Round 2: Deal The Villain 9:34, 16 Tha Rebel 11:20, Proph 13:06, Legz Long 14:27, Daniel Joseph 17:05.
Round 3: C.F 19:21, Mr. Serious 21:35, Rhymageddon 23:02, Dane the Beautiful Monster 24:31, Grayy Ice 26:39.  

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2MEX - What You Know About (SULLified Re-Mex) feat. Prince Po 

2Mex and Organized Konfusion legend Prince Po play the role of hip hop historians on this homage to overlooked golden era greats. The original version is found on 2Mex's SFR debut album "My Fanbase Will Destroy You" 

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D.N.A. (DA Godz from Outta Space) is a Hip Hop group consisting of members Drac (aka Da Lunar Tic) N Antalyst (aka Antahlyzah) This Super planetary duo takes Hip Hop to new heights, Check out Son Of Saturn's REVOLT MOTION RECORDINGS For Full Download of Drac N' Antalyst (D.N.A.) "Evolution Of The Double Helix - Da Godz From Outta Space"

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Voices of Today's Society by Visions Of The Sun 

During a time where Hip Hop has been filtered, masked and placed back on the shelf, it's true essence appears to have been lost. Voices of Today's Society proves that the essence still lives and thrives in the veins of each Visions of the Sun member. Adriatic (Musician/Producer),David Casto (Emcee/Producer),Fred Free (Emcee),Hexsagon (Emcee/Producer), Marvel76 (Producer/DJ) and Mr. Mo (Producer/DJ) After the trials and tribulations they have faced both as a group and in their individual lives,Visions of the Sun manages to release their debut album. Emotions, life experiences, inner thoughts and views captured have been expressed in musical form, taking the listener through the souls of each member. The incorporation of their different genres influence the unique VOTS sound that one will appreciate.

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Noisemaker Media and King RA present "Focus" 

Noisemaker Media and King RA present "Focus". King RA is a Jersey City-based artist whose rugged flow and gruff voice exemplifies the uncompromising sound of East Coast Hip Hop to the fullest. Focus isn't your typical braggadocio rap fair, as it holds more substance beneath the surface. King RA tells a modest tale of an emcee whose ascension from peddler to professional brings to life the adversities that Hip Hop artists face throughout their careers. Director Mark Carranceja takes inspiration from the intro of Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" to set off Focus with an opening sequence that sets a tone which captures the hustle and flow of King RA's professional grind. Focus is more than just another rap song. For King RA, its theme music for no ordinary hustler.


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