Rellik - Soldier (OFFICIAL VIDEO) off "Mighty Mouth 

Billy Leblanc, better known as Rellik, is an emcee from Edmonton, Alberta. He got into Hip Hop at 11, started D.Jing and rapping at 14 and was producing by 16.
Throughout his career he has rapped alongside Talib Kwali, RA the Rugged Man and Kardinal Offishall also proudly shared the stage with some childhood heroes such as Run DMC, Casual and the Hieroglyphics.Co-founder of one of Edmonton's longest running rap groups 118 which released two albums Project 118: Return to Edlantis in 1999 and Dirty Boulevard in 2005. He has been performing live shows and recording tracks for nearly a decade. Rellik is a gifted wordsmith known for his quick witted and gritty punch-lines. No stranger to adversity he has transcribed his experiences growing up in low income housing to getting custody of his boys, into hard hitting lyrics skillfully spit with emotion and determination.
Raised on Cree principles, Rellik is of Irish and Sioux descent and does not feel the need to write exclusively about either. “While I am still in touch with my aboriginal roots,I feel I need to write material that all hip hop listeners can relate to regardless of their ethnic background or experiences.

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Plex - The Way It Should Be (feat. Wab Kinew and Sarah Podemski) 

Plex is an award winning hip hop artist and producer originally from Edmonton, Alberta. He now makes his home in Toronto where he runs New Leaf Entertainment, an independent record label. He has been emceeing and composing music for 15 years, has a number of acting credits to his name and was the producer and host of the award winning national radio program "The Plex Show" for two years.

Plex released his debut solo album Brainstorm in April 2009 introducing a new sound to the Hip Hop genre. His provocative lyrics and unique instrumentation continue to wow audiences across North America and have garnered international and critical acclaim. Tracks from Brainstorm can be heard on over 75 internet radio stations across the US as well as the Canadian College Radio Charts.

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ESIK of Projekt SEER - GET THERE (BROTHERHOOD) Sharing the Journey for one mission. Coexisting as a Force to those that are in need of motivation and inspiration.

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DraeTown - City Of Gold ft. Lawson 

This is the music video for the "City of Gold" by DRAETOWN feat. LAWSON off of the "MAKE ROOM 4 ME (EP)" & "2 FAST 2 LIVE 2 YOUNG 2 DIE". This song & video showcase the 2 emcee's ode to Detroit, MI, a foresably declining city that still has alot of beauty that shines through the madness. Detroit is home to Motown

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Sullee J - Weakness of Man (prod. Amar Azaan) 

The first single off Sullee J's album "Vindication" which will be released March 1st. An aspiring artist from Baltimore, MD, Sullee J grew up in a Pakistani/American Culture. He struggled with neglect, racism, multiplied mistakes, and heartaches. He hopes to open doors for many other South Asians in Hip Hop. Driven to reach a diverse audience with his music, and inspire, move, and entangle entire generations with his words. He does not use profanity in his music, believing he can still be just as lyrical and passionate about it. His creativity, confidence, and dedication to his craft have molded him into an exceptional musician. Taking his listeners into a journey through compassion, strife and society's struggles as he vividly portrays life through his music, allowing the listener to escape into a fresh and raw reality. Weakness of Man displays the role of positivity trying to stand up to all the negativity around, i.e. corruption, injustice, hate, crime, and more. The song takes an approach from a conscious perspective. Weakness of Man, is a beginning, which shows that he (positivity) can be beaten down, emptied out, and tortured, although in the end he will still stand and fight for the right path. 
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Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) + Audio for Clap (One Day) 

Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) + Audio for Clap (one day)

Listen to Pharoahe Monch's audio for 'Clap (one day)' featuring Showtyme & DJ Boogie Blind:

Pharoahe Monch "Clap (one day)" feat. Showtyme & DJ Boogie Blind by duckdown

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