Zion I & The Grouch - Healing Of The Nation (Official Music Video) 

As Zion I & The Grouch wrap up the last few dates of their nationwide Healing Of The Nation Tour – a tour that kicked off March 19th with a sold out show in the Bay and will wrap up this Sunday in Santa Barbara, CA before the trio heads to Hawaii for a handful of dates – the Bay Area trio is releasing the latest video from Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation, a fun one, with kids running around the city covered in reel-to-reel tape, throwing bricks and causing havoc, alongside choppy footage of Zumbi and The Grouch as they rap atop Amp Live's raucous, synth- and rock-influenced beat. Full of twists and turns, the video comes back to the memorable hook, as Zumbi spits, "Check me out, I'm on your station/ Coming live with a new vibration. Feel it in your middle, it's the healing of the nation."

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"At Nightfall" Debut by Ugly Tony ft Tame One, IDE, King Magnetic, Alucard, Respect The God,Pumpkinhead, Copywrite, Termanology and more 

Ugly Tony's new debut album "At Nightfall" features Tame One, IDE, King Magnetic, Alucard, Respect The God, I Am Many, Pumpkinhead, Copywrite, Termanology and many more. Ugly Tony is a Hip-hop producer/beat-maker born in the mid 1980′s. His introduction to the Hip-hop culture came at a time most consider the "Golden Era.” In 2007, Ugly Tony decided to create an album, "At Nightfall,” which he would entirely produce. To find the artist for the album was the other task. However, social networks made this mission less overwhelming. The internet allowed Tony to interact and gather support from various MCs: Copywrite, The AbSoulJah, Don K. Sen, DJ Nix’On, Robust, Termanology, Respect Tha God, IDE, Alucard, King Magnetic, Tame One amongst many more. The arrival of 2011 brought Ugly Tony to the preparation of a release for his first album. All the hard work will finally pay off, but he knows that this is only the beginning.

At nightfall also available on itunes and amazon


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Harvest Season by Rebels To The Grain 

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The podcast for episode 4 of The Session is now available. In this episode Even Stephen & The MarXman do a hip hop retrospective of the year 1996 and featured in the independent artist blocks are underground hip hop 1221Agent-XPensmoke, and Graphic Nature. Stephen & The MarXman host it every Sunday from 1am-3am on 91.7 WIXQ, as well as streamed live at http://www.wixq.com The podcasts and past episodes are available for download at raprevival.com 

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Soul Khan (Brown Bag Allstars) - Soul Like Khan (Official Video) 

Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan (Official Video) Directed by Brian Robinson
Beat Produced by J57 and 2nd beat by DeeJay Element. Soul Khan "Acknowledgement" EP (Produced by DeeJay Element) drops tomorrow April 28th.

Soul Khan is a Los Angeles native from a family of entertainers. He started rapping during his high school years and dabbled in the underground rap battles. It wasn't until November 2008 when Soul Khan started taking his rap battles & music career seriously. He moved to Brooklyn, NY, got a job at Fat Beats and joined underground hip hop group Brown Bag Allstars.

Thank You To The Big Travis Show on live365.com For Sharing This With Us On Our FB Page

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