Ce7oN -Deadly Sins LP Special Guest K-Rino Ft Sick Since,Vendetta Kingz, Zambo, Damo, Kas Solo and more 

Executive Produced by Patrick Cevon Fernandez (Zambo beat) & LB Productions
Featuring Sick Since, Vendetta Kingz, Damo, Kas Solo, Envy, Crucifix Payne, WiLksAkE, YOYO1, Omen Ra, Critical Movement, Natural, Poetic, Perfect Hell, Dj KI and special guest K-Rino. Production by Zambo, Dj Kru, Dj KI, H8N, XPreNN & LB Productions. Cover by Mrs Vint Mentalz

Envy​ (​Omen Ra​)​ Produced by ​Zambo

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The Milky Way - "Black Magic" ft. Airon Azure & Chris Clarke @TheMilkyWayans (New Video) 

The Milky Way,a band of family and friends that has it's roots in the nationwide hip-hop syndicate,The VJC (formerly The Vinyl Junkies Clique). Founding member Sum tapped VJC brethren X-man, Pudge and X-ro and close cousin Computer Jay with an idea for a band. Later on, he added Taurus on guitar. After setting the foundation, Sum invited his wife Nzinga (Vocabutrois) and close friend Janet E. Dandrige (Lil Mis) to add a theatrical element and good balance of feminine energy to even out the testosterone. The Milky Way is a blend of veteran musicians, songwriters, beatmakers, and actors, The Milky Way is just as much a performance troupe as a band of outstandingly creative artists."This is thier first full song composed from scratch as The Milky Way. Director Nzinga Kadalie Kemp

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Parallel ft. Esik Of Projekt Seer 

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Projekt SEER Live at North Salinas High and Los Banos, CA (Youth and Unity) 

Rahman Jamaal shows his Flow to the Youth. Projekt SEER loves to be involved with the youth sharing, education, awareness, unity, fellowship, connection, peace, love. Song by: ESIK and M7 - Running around in my head

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Brown Bag AllStars - The Agenda (Marco Polo Remix) @BrownBagAllStar @Koncept_ 

Brown Bag AllStars: J57, The Audible Doctor, Koncept, Soul Khan, DeeJay Element, E Holla, DJ Goo (in absentia)

For some more great underground, check out The Big Travis Show on LIVE365.com

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