Blu & Exile - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them (Review) 

"Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them" is Blu and Exiles long awaited follow up
album to the highly acclaimed, Below the Heavens released in 2007.  Below the Heavens was called by many hip hop heads a modern day classic, so expectations were very high of the young cali emcee Blu after 2007. But Blu is still releasing and creating his music his way and independantly, sometimes releasing projects at random which hasn't always left fans happy, but as the title Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them says, Blu wants to put out his music to his fans while its still Fresh.

The album definitely sounds like a Below the Heavens part 2, it has mellow, jazzy, soulful and quirky production from Exile. Blu's lyrics follow the theme of spirituality, introspective songs and escaping to your own heaven.

Blu comes more lyrical on this album, he also fits the production well by switching up his flow, from songs like Ease Your Mind which is more melodic, to Mask Your Soul where he comes very laid back. However sometimes his delivery is too laid back.
The lack of energy on some songs such as Mask your soul, Don't Be Jelly and Money. They make it hard for the average listener not used to Blu to get into this album. This might be just the way Blu wants it to sound, but it only makes me wonder what songs sould have sounded like with someone rapping with more energy. However those were my least favourite tracks on the album, along with Money which just sounded like a sequel to Juice n Dranks Exiles production still sounds dope on every song and still saves those tracks.

Personal favourites were Ease Your Mind, the most relaxing song on the album, I really like the melody from Blu and the backup female vocalist. More Out Of Life, Mask Your Soul, Seasons and Maybe One Day were my other favourite songs, but my favourite track overall is still Growing Pains, which features Fashawn and Dag Savage, on the livest beat on the album. Fashawn brings a nice change in energy to the album.

Overall, this album will satisfy all the fans of Below the Heavens and those into jazzy hip hop. I found it took me a couple of listens to get into, but the more I listen the more I like about it. Its an album I can listen straight through, mainly because the production feels very consistent from track to track, and the fact its all done by one producer, so each song fits right. Its a great album to chilling out to.

Production: 4/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Purchase the album Here:

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Masta Ace - MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne (Review) 

Masta Ace first announced this album on twitter late last year, I was really excited to hear Masta Ace a vet from the late 80's/90's collabing with DOOM a guy who was most known during the 00's. Also the fact that DOOM's beats are usually so different to most producers. 

The album is Dedicated to Masta Ace's mother Yvonne. Like the albums Long Hot Summer and Disposable Arts the album follows a theme with stories of Masta Ace's surroundings and upbringings. The album is all about Masta Ace growing up as a kid in Brooklyn, his musical influences which he finds digging through his mom's record collection in Nineteen Seventy Something, and life influences mainly from his Mother Yvonne and Grandmother who raised him.

Masta Ace stated that when he first heard MF DOOM's Special Herbs beat series, he intended on making a mixtape to these DOOM's beats, having been unfamiliar with DOOM's work beforehand. The project ended up sounding so good he decided to put it out as an album and getting DOOM's blessing for the project. He even gets a verse from DOOM as well as Big Daddy Kane on the track "Think I Am". But you should keep in mind while listening, that it was first intended as a mixtape from an emcee discovering DOOM's beats, because there are some people saying they're a little disappointed that it wasn't all new beats. But Masta Ace puts his own new spin on all of these DOOM beats, in cases putting out a better track to them such as Son of Yvonne.

Best Songs:

Son of Yvonne:
Fave track overall, dedicated to his mother for raising him right. He did really well over this beat

Slow Down:
Masta Ace always does well at telling a story in his songs and that what he does with this track, a fictional story about getting drugged by two girls after a show. The concept works really well with the beat which 'slows down'

Crush Hour:
A song about Masta Ace trying to hit on some hot girl. I really like the way Masta Ace flows on this track. Usually Masta Ace does the same type of flow, but he does a slightly different flow on this and it sounds really good. It reminds me a little bit of nz rapper David Dallas flow on Indulge Me

I Did It:
This is probably my favourite beat on the album, Masta Ace uses it as a celebration type track reflecting on what he's done and who he's done it all for.

In Da Spot:
Another great beat from MF DOOM, again if you're a DOOM fan you've probably heard beats like this, but if you're not a huge DOOM follower, a lot of these beats will be new, and Masta Ace does a good job with these beats, many of them have been slightly reworked. I also really like the chorus of this song.

On top of that, another highlight for me was "Think I Am", just because it has Masta Ace rapping in a reunion with Big Daddy Kane and MF DOOM joining them with a verse of his own. Big Daddy Kane still has it, but MF DOOM also came really really good on this too. However I don't like the beat they used on this compared to the other DOOM beats. Nineteen Seventy Something was also another hightlight, a song about Masta Ace digging through his mothers record collection but I mostly like it for the beat.

My Rating:

Lyrics: 75/100. Masta Ace always has his trademark flow, even though I'm not always a fan of it but it was nice to hear it over DOOM beats. He always has great concepts and stories for songs too

Production: 80/100 Even though they're old DOOM beats, masta ace uses most of them well, I already said which ones I like best, but there were a few I didn't like as much. I didn't like how they changed the beat for DOOM's Deep Fried Friendz, they cut out the Whodini sample and it sounded a little faster than the original, imo it doesn't touch the original. Da Pro was also a bit boring for me but those are the only few bits I didn't like.

Overall: 75/100

The album is out now on iTunes and other online stores, however the physical version doesn't come out until July 17th

Son of Yvonne:

Slow Down:

Crush Hour:

I Did It: (only the live version is uploaded to youtube)

In Da Spot:

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Iron Solomon - Monster (Review) 

After years of dominating on the battle scene, Former battler Iron Solomon sets his aim at the music scene, with his long awaited début album, Monster, the album he describes as, "the album I've always dreamed of putting out".

The album features impressive guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Isaiah & Novel plus 6 Bonus tracks featuring the likes of Jean Grae, Paul Wall & Cassidy.

One of the highlights of the album is Iron's complex rhyme schemes. Iron focuses a lot on rhyme schemes and there are times when this can break up the flow on some songs and Iron's voice in his delivery is not always convincing, but the way Iron uses rhyme schemes is very impressive and it would be hard to find better than this.

The album features a lot of synth production, it takes three different turns production wise. It starts off with hard hitting and also gospel sounds. You can hear a lot of soulful singing and gospel organs being played through most of the tracks.

My personal favourite tracks would be I'll Be Back Around which had the best beat and nicest chrous, although the kids singing at the end was a little bit cheesy. Other favourite tracks are, the opening track Almost There, Classic Girl, The Empire ft. Talib Kweli; this beat goes hard, this is a great tribute song to his home city New York. Its good to hear Talib going hard over a beat for a change too. Cold World, has a nice melody on the chorus, Iron brings a positive message from a 'Cold World'.

Least favourite tracks would be: Shotgun, Iron bringing back the old old school 'LL Cool J' esque beat was cool until the chorus started, it just didn't fit in with the rest of the song or even the
rest of the album, the song sticks out like a sore thumb.

The album takes three different turns, it starts off with hard hitting and also gospel sounding production on Almost There, Nothing To Lose, Empire. However at the middle of the album from Shotgun-15 Minutes the album takes a new turn, for the worse imo. There production style completley changes from hard beats and soulful beats to a more mainstream pop sound.

On Shotgun, bringing back the old old school LL Cool J esque production was a dope idea and could have worked. But the song is let down by a strange sounding chorus which has sounds more suited over a mainstream pop beat, it really doesn't fit in with the rest of the song. The next songs "Get On My Level" and "15 Minutes" continue this turn of the album.

After these songs the album turns back again on "Classic Girl", which has a Rock-Pop type beat, the song has a nice concept about a girl but the highlight of the song is defintely Novel's great singing on this track.

The album mellows out towards the end, Cold World has a nice soft melodic chorus and Iron brings a positive message from a Cold World.


Lyrics: 80
Production: 70
X-Factor: 60
Overall: 70/100

Stream the Full Album Free HERE:

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Copywrite - God Save the King (Review) 

Review by El Matador

Lyrics - 85%
Beats - 80%
X-Factor - 80%
Overall - 80%

I have never been a super-big fan of Copywrite's music. Back, when I was obsessed with battle punchlines my boy recommended me checking him. The dude really impressed me with his wordplay, his skills could be easily compared to ones such Vakill or Juice. His new album came out of nowhere, you can say that that Man Bites Dog didn't really care about the proper promotion. lol I broke down the whole thing track-by-track.

1. Post-Apocalyptic Request Box (8\10)

An into. Suprisingly, one of the best lyrics on the album are being spat here.

2. Love (Feat. Tage Future) (7+\10)

Just a bragga track. Tage owned Copy on this track imo.

3. Swaggot Killaz (Feat. Jakki Da Motamouth) (7\10)

Guess what the song is about. Copy drops some memorable verses, I haven't heard him that hungry since "Ultra Sound: The Rebirth EP". Jakki is wack, he kinda ruined the track.

4. Sorrow (Feat. Illogic & Don Jaga) (8+\10)

The song sounds like a "The Life and Times of Peter Nelson" leftover. Something deeper, he mentions his deceased mother and raps about the struggle in his life.

5. Man Made (Feat. Rockness Monstah) (7\10)

When I saw "Rockness Monstah" on the tracklist, I thought it was going to be pure fire but it turned out to be a decent song. It's good to hear my boy Rock again though.

6. J.O.Y. (Joke's On You) (Feat. Jason Rose & Torae) (9+\10)

Might be the best track on the album (along with GSK). Beat is fucking bananas, Torae spits some sick verse (although his rhyme scheme is nowhere near Copywrite's verse). Jason Rose is a dope singer, the hook is super catchy.

7. Union Rights (Feat. Mhz) (7+\10)

A track that features Copy's group Mhz. The "ohh ohh ohh" in the hook sounds so much like in the previous song. Pretty simple but a well-done beat will have your head bopping.

8. Yo! MTV Raps (Feat. Jason Rose) (---)

Yes, I didn't rate this song because I have no idea what to think of it. I hated it when I first played it. Now I don't hate it. Neither do I love it. This shit got me confused and I just don't know what to write about it. That's why I decided to not to rate it. You just got to listen to it and judge it by yourself.

9. Blue Ribbon (7\10)

When it comes to rhyme scheme, it might be the best song on the album. Beat is dope but it gets boring as the song proceeds. Copywrite has nothing special to say but dropped one or two one-liners that would be worth of remembering.

10. Miracle (1\10)

Just an interlude. I usually don't rate interludes but this one is awful.

11. GSK (feat. Jason Rose) (10\10)

Without any doubt, the best song on the album, the best beat on the album, arguably the best song on the album when it comes to one-liners, the best chorus on the album (it's also the best chorus that has been sung in 2012 so far) and, personally, my favourite song on the album. Can't stop playing it. Do yourself a favor and bump it!

12. Workahol (6+\10)

Copy raps about himself being a workaholic and a nut. None of my favs.

13. White Democrats (Feat. Mac Lethal) (7\10)

Definitely one of the weaker beats on the album. Needless to say, Mac Lethal murdered Copywrite on his own shit.

14. Golden State of Mind (Feat. Casual, Evidence & Roc Marciano) (8+\10)

Sick shit, everyone came correct, even Evidence (whose verse and delivery were actually better than anything he delivered on Cats and Dogs). Atari-like beat adds something special to the vibe.

15. Synesthesia (3\10)

Horrible beat but cool lyrics. You should read them on some site rather than tease your eardrums by listening to this shit.

16. Got To Make It (feat. Tame One) (7\10)

I love the sample and the beat but I'm not sure if it was a good idea to leave the voice sample along with the drums as a hook. They should've had cut it out.

17. A Talk with Jesus (6\10 the first one and 7+\10 the second one)

The last song on the album will help you in describing the feeling how the hidden track can be better than the official one.

rate: 7+

The richest Copy's release when it comes to subject matter. Beats are good too but it's nothing special, nothing we wouldn't have heard before (they sound very Classfied-like).

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Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz - The Flyness - Feedom Express Line Drops on August 31, 2010 ! 

There will always be music that comes, has its time, then is gone, forever lost and then there are albums that come and are meant for more. Enter Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz: Freedom Express Line. In the cluttered marketplace, that is the music industry artists struggle for attention because of over saturation. With this album the artists involved have made a refreshing style of music that has given Hip Hop a new flavor. The producing duo have crafted a Boom Bap style of production fused with reggae vibes, that give the listener an energetic uplifting feel. The project is socially conscious and carries a positive vibe that serves as an ode to the Native Tongues collective, music with a message when Hip Hop seems to need it most. Cymarshall Law proves to be a lyrical force to be reckoned with displaying a new mastery of style and effortless flow that shows his Jamaican/English Roots, the album also gives a look into exactly why Law is one of the leaders of this new class of Hip Hop MCs. With its undeniable raw feel it's remarkable how much crossover potential this LP delivers, Hip Hop purists and music lovers alike have been waiting to hop aboard the Freedom Express Line. ~ RHHF Member Tuckdragon

1. My Platform (Express Line Intro) 
2. Zion Land 
3. Believe This (No Money) 
4. The Flyness 
5. Give I Fi I Name 
6. Armagideon 
7. Door Peep 
8. Love feat. Mary Lou 
9. Don't Kill Your Brother feat. Skit Slam 
10. Come Mek We Run 
11. Where I Am 
12. A Little Way Different 
13. Almost Home

Preorder At Amazon

Myspace Cymarshall Law 

Myspace The Beatnikz

For more great underground visit

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Album Review: Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam are Everliven Sound: Freedom 2 

Everliven Sound: Freedom II is the follow up album to 2008's Freedom, from emcee/producer Cymarshall Law
and UK emcee Skit Slam

Cymarshall law is an emcee who has always specialized in conscious and political hip hop and this is no different.
with the theme being Freedom.
Some song topics deal with freedom of the mind others such as Days of Faster and Walk Away are more about a freedom from the routines of our lives. Its a concept which works well throughout the album even when over up tempo beats which may have sounded more suitable for a dance type theme such as "Waiting Too Long".

the album was entirely produced by Swedens The Beatniks, who did a great job on this album. There strong rasta type sound on many of the songs, especially the opening track Get Up Stand Up, which worked well with Cymarshall Laws raspy delivery similar to Mos Def or D.O.C. Others such as Elements, Hook Them, All Right All Real, are more the classic boom bap sound which was done very well.

Overall the stand out tracks for me on this album were Hook Them, All Right All Real, Follow My Lead, Days of Faster, Don't Believe and Elements which was the track which stood out most for me.

Lyrically however the song "Don't Believe" had the best lyrics and message and concept for me, the song was all about how we shouldn't believe everything we hear. One of my favorite lines from the song was "sythening through fiction and fact i found africa is bigger than it is on the maps and no i don't believe everything that you write/messing with cha and one day dr. king will be white/".

Production wise Elements, Days of Faster, Follow My Lead had the best beats, with Elements being my favorite beat from the album, it also featured some dope cuts from DJ Don Martin, the beat actually sounded a little similar to Exiles style.

There are times where the subject matter may not suit the type of beat such as Ms Liquor Spliff, however it is something i can easily get over.
the production is often very rhythmic and uptempo on many songs such as Get Up Stand Up, Christening, Waiting Too Long, Come Correct. But the production was very consistant all throughout the album, there wasn't one single beat on this album that i wasn't feeling.

Lyrically both Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam kill it, using a lot of slick word play and multi's, especially on the song "Follow My Lead". Cymarshalls raspy jamaican delivery worked well and really lifts up the energy of the track, especially during times when the energy does die down a little on some songs.

overall i give this album a 4/5 or 90-80%. solid production track to track. the only down points (if any) for the album for me were that certain parts of certain songs lacked a little energy and that some subject matter didn't suit the type of beats as much. However there were definitely more highlights than lowlights so those more than made up for it.
Every song had solid lyrics making this an album you need to relax and chill to and pay attention to the detail and message in the lyrics.

If you haven't checked these guys out yet you should really check this album out, especially if you were a fan of
Mos Def and Talib Kwelis Black Star album as this uses many of the same themes. Dope lyrics and dope production so
hip hop heads will not be disappointed in his album.

the album will be out tomorrow June 22nd

feel free to give your rating or review in the forum if you want

the stand out track imo Elements featuring El Da Sensei

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