'My Sunshine' by azAp - a-q-rat sounds AZitiZ poetry 

AZitiZ: isn't content to leave the music world as it is. This is an artist ready to leave a crater – that is, she's gonna make an impact. Her evocative blend of hip-hop and soul elements ride an electric line along the cutting edge of urban music. At the same time, she keeps a grip on the staple elements in which the genres are rooted. Catchy doesn't even begin to describe the hook-heavy infectiousness that pull the listener into a world of vital words and potent grooves.

a-q-rat: is the composer, sound designer and producer, In the mid 90’s he started DJing. Primarily Rap and Hip Hop of the 80s and 90s was my thing. In 1998 and started Combining Nu-Jazz with Hip Hop, but with a turntablelist style. Adding scratches, dropping beats and generally juggling with two records. As this combination developed, he started producing Bootleg remixes from classics Hip Hop artist like the Beastie Boys, KRS ONE, Eric B. & Rakim. Yet his attraction to Hip Hop lyrics was no more, and he found himself becoming more and more interested in the beats and Instrumentals and was busy composing his own tunes. Here he is today still making Hip Hop and Trip Hop tracks.


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Mr Brady - Labor of Love available now on amazon 

Mr Brady Labor Of Love compilation available now on amazon featuing Guilty Simpson, Diamond D, Blu, MED, Shawn Jackson, Aloe Blacc, Moka Only, Opio, LMNO, Tajai, Blame One, Sene & more!

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Perseverance Atlas feat Moka Only & MrBrady "Not an option" 

aim conrade, Perseverance Atlas feat Moka Only & MrBrady "Not an option" Moka only original swollen member & Mr Brady of Deep rooted (MR MR) and Perseverace whos binging you the United DIvision proj all Collabb on this hott track with a new flavor never tasted to bring you a glimpse of what's to come. Support the real and later for the rest!

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Bringin It Back & 320 by Lucid Music off "Adventures Of The Invisible Band" available now! 

Lucid Music can best be described as "that old boom bap,” utilizing hip-hop’s bare essentials of microphones, turntables and records to create a new fresh sound. Consisting of two emcees and a deejay, the crew maintains the very vibe that caused most of us to fall in love with hip-hop in the first place. Adventures Of The Invisible Band is Lucid Music’s fourth independent release (distributed by legendary label Bomb Hip-Hop) and is a perfect example of the trio’s raw take on an art form besieged by masochistic lyrics, violent imagery and cookie cutter production. Lucid Music offers an alternative, incorporating fast paced drums and thoughtful rhymes over samples ranging from jazz to early 70′s rock. Lucid Music have toured throughout Chicago, Detroit, West Virginia and New York performing at venues such as Webster Hall and The Hard Rock Cafe. Uptempo profanity free rhymes mixed with technical displays of turntablism ensures audiences of all ages they’re in for a treat and a good time from a live performance.


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B-Boy Summit 2010: Battle #3 Killafornia (CA, USA) vs. Bits N Pieces (CA, USA) 

B-Boy Summit 2010: Battle #3 Killafornia (CA, USA) vs. Bits N Pieces (CA, USA) This is the 3rd battle to get to the semi-finals of the B-Boy Summit 2010 in Los Angeles

Thank you to 808crate

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Double Disk DVD from OUTBREAK EUROPE HIP-HOP FESTIVAL 2010, July 1. - 4., 2010 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
700 bboys and bgirls from 31 countries representing, European qualification for world's finals of OUTBREAK jam
2 vs 2, 1 vs 1 footwork, 1 vs 1 bgirl, cypher king, 1 vs 1 Europa SC batle, Music by FUSIK (Ghost from Hot Skillet Album)

Now for sale exclusively at WWW.THEBBOYSPOT.EU/STORE

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This battle went down at OUTBREAK 3 HIPHOP FESTIVAL. Outbreak Footwork competition has become one of the best, if not the best in the world. Bboys from all over the world come to compete in hopes of capturing the title. OUTBREAK 6 HIPHOP FESTIVAL footwork title will be more intense than ever. Over 50 bboys from all over the world are expected to compete for the title.

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Shoot the Deputy by Ignite & Imagery feat. Rudolph Lyrics Off the album Ignite and Imagery: Gimmick Free 

Ignite and Imagery's new single called Shoot The Deputy feat. Rudolph Lyrics. It is what you think but also is not, Segundo produced it and flipped that famous sample in such an incredible and creative way off thier new album Ignite and Imagery: Gimmick Free made up of lush soulful beats with soulful singing from Imagery, beautiful but sinister hard beats, jazzy beats, funked out beats and others that sound totally original and push the envelope. The subject matter from the MCs varies as well. From stories to experiences, love to parties to fights to real life to just plain lyrical acrobatics. The MCs have smooth and varied melodic flows and are very lyrical, with a lot of tricky and intricate rhyme schemes and wordplay. Gimmick Free is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and most major online retailers.


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AKASHIK ANCESTORZ (Amun Morb & Son of Saturn) - THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) off "The Ancient Art Of Facts" LP 

The Akashik Ancestorz bring back raw street intelligence to Hip Hop. This is not your average "Conscious Hip Hop" or "Conspiracy Rap". Akashik Ancestorz have a knack for grabbing the consciousness of the listener, pulling them deep down into the rabbit hole and helping them reemerge from the pit of their shattered paradigms. Amun Morb & Son of Saturn are dedicated students, who offer honest ideas and explore the spectrum of concepts dealing with everything from current world issues, The Ancient Mysteries, and Metaphysics, to Spiritual and Political matters. This gritty, unconventional duo hooked up in 2009... both members being imported into Colorado from other areas, they found common ground not only in their eternal love for Hip Hop, but also in their almost inherent desire to find truth in the world of lies around them. For their first release "The Akashik Ancestorz EP" they joined forces with Rasul Allah of The Lost Children Of Babylon, Erks Orion, York Siddhartha, & Scientific - to name a few, in order to build a 9 song EP that shook underground Hip Hop... it is available in the FREE DOWNLOADS area. The sophmore album "The Ancient Art Of Facts" is an instant classic, Hip Hop knowledge born, grown, and chasing evil through the streets with molotov cocktails. The whole Revolt Motion fam is present in this LP, along with Hip Hop power houses Rook Da Rukus (Da Goldminerz) & IDE (Creative Juices/Elite Fleet). The Ancient Art Of Facts is available in the STORE section. Two of the hardest working heads in Hip Hop, Morb & Saturn are already working diligently on the 3rd installment to be produced entirely by German Hip Hop legend Snake Vs. Crane, as well as another 5 song EP produced entirely by DJ Joon of Lost Children Of Babylon Switzerland. Stay tuned, the Ancestorz are just getting started.

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Miles Davis Feat. J.R., A.B. Money & Easy Mo Bee - The Doo-Bop Song (Original Video) 

The original music video to the second song from the Album Doo-Bop by Miles Davis

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"PEOPLE" Cambio, Bocafloja , Hache ST del album, Quilombo radio vol 2 "de diaspora, colonia, melanina y otras rimas".

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