Urbanbugs / Intro-Trailer (Graffiti) Documentary From Turkey 

Urbanbugs is a documentary from Turkey which focuses on street art concept and extensions of it like Graffiti, Stencil, Wheatpasting. Besides their visual contribution to the urban life, these street arts became a sociological matter due to the their political messages. In this context, this documentary is trying to analyse the sociocultural reflections of street art concept in Turkey.

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Nitty Gritty Radio {Bonus} Spring Samples: Seeds For A Golden Era 

Peace and welcome to this special bonus Episode of Nitty Gritty Radio. Since today is the Vernal Equinox (aka the first day of Spring) I thought it would be fitting to hit you with an uplifting springtime mix to help shake off the winter blues! So I put together this compilation of old Funk/ Soul records from the 60's and 70's, the musical seeds that would later grow into the sounds sampled by many producers from Hip Hop's Golden Era.

The first time I ever heard any DJ do a mix like this was back in '97 on The PimpGear History 101 Mixtape. DJ 7L (from 7L & Esoteric) was on the mix and he dug deep into his collection to put together the perfect blend of funk/ soul records that, at the time, I was hearing the originals for the first time. Needless to say I was mesmerized by this mix, in fact I made 3 copies just in case something happened to the original tape, haha. Well the years have gone by and over time I've had a chance to collect a few of the same joints and this is my humble attempt to give you all that same feeling I had back in '97 hearing 7L's mix for the first time.

So if you have some spring cleaning to do or if you just want to open up some windows and let a breeze come in, this mix will definitely help the soul do some tiptoein' through tulips!!

California Soul - Marlena Shaw [Sampled on: Let It All Hang Out - A.D.O.R.]
Our Generation - Ernie Hines [Sampled on: Straighten It Out - Pete Rock & CL Smooth]
It's a New Day - Skull Snaps [Sampled on: Take It Personal - Gang Starr]
Don't Change Your Love - The Five Stairsteps [Sampled on: Can't Front On Me - Pete Rock & CL Smooth & on : Jazz (We've Got) - A Tribe Called Quest]
I Got Some - Sugar Billy Garner [Sampled on: B.Y.S - Gang Starr]
Long Red – Mountain [Sampled on: Eric B Is President - Eric B. & Rakim]
Get Out of My Life, Woman - Lee Dorsey [Sampled on: Just A Friend - Biz Markie & on: Hits From The Bong - Cypress Hill & on: U Da Man - Black Moon]
Down Home Girl - The Coasters [Sampled on: Skinz - Pete Rock & CL Smooth & on : Yabadabadoo – Chubb Rock]
Superman Lover - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [Sampled on: A Day Of Sooperman Lover – Redman]
You're the Fool - The Three Degrees [Sampled on: Return Of The Mecca - Pete Rock & CL Smooth]
Misdemeanor - Foster Sylvers [Sampled on: It's Funky Enough - The D.O.C.]
The Message – Cymande [Sampled on: Me & The Biz - Masta Ace]
Sport - Lightnin' Rod [Sampled on: Who Got The Props? & Son Get Wrec - Black Moon]
Peg - Steely Dan [Sampled on: Eye Know - De La Soul]
Soul Travelin' - Gary Byrd [Sampled on: Halftime – Nas]
Chocolate Buttermilk - Kool & the Gang [Sampled on: Straighten It Out - Pete Rock & CL Smooth]
Express Yourself - Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhtyhm Band [Sampled on: Express Yourself - N.W.A.]
We're In Love - Reuben Wilson [Sampled on: Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) – Nas]
When She Made Me Promise - The Beginning of the End [Sampled on: They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth]
Deliver Me - Tom Scott & The California Dreamers [Sampled on: They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth]
Today - Tom Scott & The California Dreamers [Sampled on: They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth]

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June Marx (of Twin Perils)- "Trinity Site" Video 2011 from his second solo album, "Core of Vengeance" Twin Perils 

New York Hip hop duos have always shared a connection, whether it be their music influences growing up, the content and style for which they ascribe to, or past events in their youth. Lone Ninja and June Marx, who make up Twin Perils, are no different. Both Brooklyn-based, where they initially crossed paths at a Masta Killa show in 2005, Ninja and Marx focus their lyricism on various tactics of war and combat, emphasizing the demise of anyone who stands in their way. Titling their debut album Dark Alliance, Twin Perils look to hit their listeners with a demolishing one-two strike of raw lyrics mixed with hard-knocking beats."Core of Vengeance" Available on UGHHAmazon Access Hip Hop  

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TheParadoxicalState- Dark City (Download) 2001 unreleased LP 

The long awaited album by JestOneArt, Esq and TheParadoxicalState: Dark City. Download the album FREE. The release of Dark City is in anticipation of TheParadoxicalState - Dark City Dos (Dub Sessions). A Hoverock Records vinyl release out this summer. Visit Hoverock.com for info.

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2011 DMC SAN ANTONIO DJ Battle & What's POPPIN with Special Guest "Pop Master Fabel" SAN ANTONIO, TX/March 25th & 26th 

March 25th, Pop Master Fabel Will Be judging battles at What's POPPIN and on Sat. 

March 26 the 2011 DMC SAN ANTONIO DJ Battle, hip hop is in the air in Texas. Peep both events on facebook.




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Bob42jh and TheWordisBond Charity Album for the Tsunami-Earthquake in Japan ft Thomas Prime, Kondor,Soul Chef and more! Coming Soon 

Bob42jh and TheWordisBond are doing a charity Hip-Hop compilation to help the people in Japan who are suffering from the recent earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. This is going to be an amazing compilation for a very good cause. All money will be donated to Save the Children and The Red Cross.

If you like Nujabes, Kondor, Blazo, Nitsua, Michita, Shing02, Ruto, Uyama Hiroto, Marcus D, Cise Star, KnowMads, and friends, you will love this compilation of real Hip-Hop.

This album features Thomas Prime, Vitium, Kondor, Avens, Kyo Itachi, Soul Chef, Niha, and many more! All the music is unreleased, so you can't get it anywhere else!

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Official new MyVerse Mixtape "NEWS FLASH!" 

Natalia Pitti AKA MyVerse, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida by her mother (Marta) and older brother (Omar). Her mother, a strong spiritual Latina, rooted her up in the church. To ensure that MyVerse flourished her creativity, her mother enrolled her in ballet and choir in her early years as a youth. Growing up MyVerse had a powerful fascination with writing stories of fictional characters that she loved to recite to her family. At the tender age of 12 she began writing poetry and decided to pursue her skills as a poet through out her adolescent years. By the time she reached 15, she found Hip-Hop to be a culture and spirituality that strengthened and coincided with her religious upbringing. Being raised with a musically talented brother, 8 years older than her self, she was exposed to music she wouldn't normally hear on the radio. Those genres ranged from Christian Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Drum-n-Bass. This was the seed that developed MyVerse’s growing love for good conscious music. The critical moment that changed her life was when she decided to attend a military school at the age of 17 to graduate high school. This is where she discovered the art of Spoken Word and began her first performances as a poet. MyVerse’s unique style of poetry and her passion for Hip-Hop effortlessly transitioned her into becoming an Emcee.

Sendspace Download

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