"Inches trailer" the life of Jarod Richardson and the music of 1221 

Exactly 16 years ago on May 12th, 1995 Jers Ey of 1221 was involved in a car accident that nearly took his life. Riding shotgun in a 1987 Camaro, and they collided head on with a Mac truck. He went thru the windshield and suffered brain damage.He was left alive... but not whole. Here is the trailer for a documentary coming out later this year, about his story and the music of 1221.

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Brwn Bflo ft Stic Man of Dead Prez - Corazon Remix @BrwnBflo (New Video) 

BRWN BFLO is shaking up the music industry. In a world of black and white, they represent for brown—storytellers of the diverse Chicano experience and the struggles of indigenous people worldwide. GIANT, JACINTO, SOMOS ONE, and BIG DAN are the perfect mix of the old school and new school and are set to change the face of contemporary hip hop music. Currently residing in Oakland, the members originate from all over California but blend effortlessly in the studio and on stage. They have performed alongside Michael Franti, Goapele, Ise Lyfe, Front Line, Blue Scholars, and Zion I among others. BRWN BFLO’s musical influence is as varied as their upbringings; they credit War, ‘Chente, NWA, and Wu-Tang Clan as sources of inspiration. These diverse influences have given way to a truly unique style of music that has angled BRWN BFLO for success on a global level, grabbing the attention of a multigenerational, multicultural audience. The group keeps their focus through deep community roots and a strong dedication to their personal testimony as block educators turned musicians. Additionally, BRWN BFLO offers Multi Workshops on violence-Prevention, Youth Organizing, Creative Writing/Visual Arts and Music Production.

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INTELLIGENT MUZIK presents "ILLUMINATI" Wise Intelligent's (Poor Righteous Teachers) New video off "THE UNCONKABLE DJEZUZ DJONEZ ALBUM" 

INTELLIGENT MUZIK presents"ILLUMINATI" Wise Intelligent of (Poor Righteous Teachers) latest video Produced by Masada and directed by Jimmy Giambrone from the critically acclaimed "THE UNCONKABLE DJEZUZ DJONEZ" album - AVAILABLE NOW! http://www.wiseintelligent.com

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David Dallas - Life Is... (Music Video) 

from The Rose Tint - download free @ http://www.therosetint.com
song produced by Fire & Ice

Video directed by Tom Gould & Alexander Richter.

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J.Nolan- "Cosmic Cruise"‏ (Download) 

Cosmic Cruise is the second promotional single released from J. Nolan from his "ArtofaNolan" series to promote his upcoming album Chaos Theory.

Check out more of J. Nolan's work here

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Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - Behind The Scenes Of "Still On The Hustle" 

Neek the Exotic & Large Professor are continuing to roll out more goodies as the anticipation builds for their forthcoming full-length album, Still On The Hustle, dropping May 17th on Fat Beats Records. Following a video of the two speaking on the album last week, the two hip-hop vets, who came up together in Queens, New York, are releasing this behind the scene's look at the making of their recently released music video for "Still On The Hustle." Aside from giving fans a closer look at the video shoot, and continuing to let fans in on new info about the album, the video sheds a lot of light on the duo's connection to their Flushing, Queens neighborhood, which served as the shoot location for the music video. As Mark Carranceja, director of the video and part of Noisemaker Media, recalled, "Every time we walked around, every block, Neek new somebody...He knew about 20 people in 5 minutes and I feel like that kind of connection to the public is really important to show to people."

Pre-order Neek The Exotic & Large Professor's new album, Still On The Hustle, here

The iTunes single for "Still On The Hustle" is now available.

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Future Joyner - Listen To Me (Intro) Music Video 

OFF OF: "Listen To Me" AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD AT: http://futurejoyner.bandcamp.com

DIRECTED BY: DJ 2THIRTEEN (http://www.twitter.com/dj2thirteen)


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Queens Connex - The Bullshit (Directed by Zack Helwa) 

In January of 2010 "L.O.W.F.I" was created by Wesley B. (aka Agua). Wesley started his career as a MC back in 1999 with a group called Queens Connex. With the completion of there third Mix-tape Planet Of The Tapes > http://livelowfi.bandcamp.com/
, the group split without any animosity. Wesley began to explore into his spirituality, and found inspiration from teaching of different African mystery systems. His inner search allowed him to open a new door of creativity that inspired other musician of a higher caliber to contribute their time and talent. Through our music, we bring you a frequency of musical expression that bring harmony to the soul of the listener. Lowfi is a collective of musicians, vocalist and producers who have united to bring anew frequency of creative artistic expression, we are on a endless search to overstand who we once were who we are and where we are going, through our music, listeners witness our eternal evolution

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Trinity (A.G., Sadat X, DJ Jab) - "20 In"‏ 

Two decades and countless classic albums into their already legendary careers, A.G. of Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C.), Sadat X of Brand Nubian, and DJ Jab, owner and founder of Fat Beats Records, continue to show and prove as the super group Trinity, and step it up again with their new single, "20 In," which celebrates the group's roots and turns the mirror on today's hollow hustlers by begging the simple question: "If you have nothing to say, why are you in the game?"

The "20 In" music video, directed by Young Studios, provides perfectly adequate visuals to accompany Trinity's true-school aesthetic; an antenna-sporting television, Adidas signature shell-toe sneakers draped over-top, is bustling static before the group's three members break through. Atop DJ Jab's thumping bass, boisterous brass, and well-placed organ wails, A.G. and Sadat X throw their weight around in brazen call-and-response verses that detail the intense amount of legwork that the trio has put in the game. "You make your name a brand, do you think you can?/ Build a legacy it better be your own hands," A.G. and Sadat take turns rapping. "What's your strategy can I see your playbook?/ It has to be more than MySpace and Facebook."

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Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam Documentary‏ 

Hip Hop in the Soul Documentary is a Peek into Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam's
Hip Hop way of Living there regular Lives Being doing it without any big advances, they are still able to succeed in the music industry, Freedom is the Record Label, Slam Shot Media is the Film Production company
thanks for supporting us , stay tuned we have alot more to show you !

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David Dallas "The Rose Tint" Album - Download For Free‏ 


David Dallas is an exciting new talent from Auckland, New Zealand. Earlier this year the rapper packed his bags & traveled over 8,800 miles to live in Harlem, New York. David Dallas, through Dawn Raid Ent. & Dirty Mgmt, inked a partnership with Duck Down Music to distribute & market his music globally.

In his first 4 months since living in the States, David Dallas has secured MTV video rotation for his song "Big Time;" synched music licenses with ESPN, The Weinstein Company & HBO; conducted an interview with 'Nightline' about his journey to the USA; performed for HOT 97 'Who's Next Series;' & was chosen by DrJays to be part of their "Summer Sensations" fashion campaign.

Success is nothing new for David Dallas. In 2009 his 'Something Awesome' album reached #1 on New Zealand's iTunes Rap Charts. In 2010, David Dallas received the New Zealand Music Award for best rap artist.

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Elzhi "ELmatic" Free LP Download‏ 

The wait is over, you can now DL Elzhi's "ELmatic" (tribute to Nas' "Illmatic") now at XXLmag.com:

Elzhi's "ELmatic" Free Album is produced and played Live by Will Sessions.

Tracklisting for "ELmatic":
1. The Genesis
2. Detroit State of Mind (Houseshoes Shout)
3. Halftime
4. Memory Lane
5. The World Is Yours
6. Represent
7. Life’s A Bitch feat. Royce da 5’9 and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition
8. One Love
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Pete Rock Shout)
10. Pete Rock Shout

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The Heat (American Language Remix) P.L.O. Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro 

The AMERICAN LANGUAGE REMIX of 'The Heat' features three of Philadelphia's finest in Mello Music Group's HAS-LO, alongside Three Dollar Pistol Music's ZILLA ROCCA & CURLY CASTRO. The Heat finds them honouring Smoothe The Hustler's classic 'Broken Language' joint. Three craftsmen with the pen they all hit P.L.O.'s production hard going relentlessly back and forth on the beat and proving why they are being touted as the new generation of ones to watch on the US scene

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